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That corner

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Primary school years had witnessed hundreds of sweet and bitter entries in the journal of life

Though the sun shared his warm shine, the morning breeze has made my arms embracing one another. The clouds were scattered like broken glass bits in the sky. A flock of birds were singing and dancing happily in the air, free of worries. Tired with the pleasure, the birds rested on a branch of a shady tree. I sat on a bench in front of a primary school, as the kids were going in. Some of them were happy, while some were not.

At the corner beside the main entrance, I saw a mother giving a loving hug to her son as if to say: “Be a good boy my son, study hard”. From her eyes, I could see the mountain of hope she has put on him. With a wide smile, the son waved good bye and ran towards his friends. I felt sad, as I used to be on his shoes. I wished that I could turn back the time and proudly say to my mom, “I will be a good student”. But we can’t bring back the past as events flow like the river.

Half a day later, I walked quickly to the same place. It was different. The evening atmosphere felt as if I was resting in a sauna. Men’s destruction had defeated the welcoming warmth of the sun. The charming birds had stopped their choir. Instead, a group of crows gathered on the branch waiting for food. The cheers of the kids were replaced by the hectic, irritating sound of vehicles constantly passing by. At the same corner of the school where I saw a mother placing high hopes on her son’s future, I saw a man selling snacks and ice-creams on his motorcycle. Suddenly, I understood the two different scenes at the same corner. If only this man had listened to his mother and did well in school, he would have a better job.

Life – it promises hopeful possibilities, especially to those who have the courage and determination. Human could find their luck anywhere, at anytime.

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Hungry Ventriloquist

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Rzaidio Osment Sr.

i decided to join this community after done reading the novel Aku Budak Setan : Nazihah, which was downloaded from this website. It was a great, shall we say, teenage life story..damn Ezam is a total bastardo.. to be honest, it has been a long time since i read malay essay, especially novel..seems like the novel took my virginity away..   besides, i found that this community could be a great help for me, as i am a language student..
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