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JWCOMP : One Night In Vegas

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"You think you're tough guy, aren't you?"
"Yes, because I am your daddy"

She winked at him.
"So, daddy please...Let's go"
Baby sweetheart, wiggled her fingers over his arms..

"Too hairy, isn't it?" daddy blew a kiss at her..
"Come on. The show gonna start soon."

"The day, the night, the festival, time without end.Then, baby, suddenly two become one" said daddy.

Baby smiled back,
"I who have nothing to give..for you to live!"

"Love..its like coffee , once you taste the real thing, the rest is shit.."

They cuddle along the way.Married to unholy reunion.Bought two tickets.One way to heaven.
This gotta go bad.  
Suddenly, they heard salacious sex noise with nihilistic and nasty, amplified apocalyptically...

Friedrich Nietzsche : What is the seal of liberation? — No longer being
ashamed in front of oneself.

"Fast" is relative.Fourteen years rubs relative against a lifetime."Great" is relative.

Previous short story:
Yureka? (perhaps...)
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