Verily look at me, I descend from the heavens, it is fate that I am above all of you, my fair skin radiates in superiority, my fair skin likens me to the angels in heaven, bow unto me people with iniquity! This is my world, I enter the holy place with a vibrant light of faith enveloping me, mesmerizing everyone…bow unto me and praise  me for I am better than thee. And these were the thoughts that went through their minds as they entered the house of worship covering themselves in make believe piety.

Get off the throne, u filthy drone, who gave you the permission to act as the honorable one? Wipe of the slime dripping from your face but reality comes and shoves me to my place, this is your world and I am the slave.

The crow then came, and then he said, ‘I am a crow, I am vulturous, I am ravicious, I do my job—you contemplate, intelligence and stupidity are both yours.’

It was 2020, it is now, it is distant, they make no difference—the so called intelligent people, the bourgeoisie they carry a known trait. It made them successful in the eye of their believers. They lie and deceit but still that’s not their main trait. They are selfish creatures. They steal from humanity and chase for deluded supremacy.

The ‘lords’ they pray in ‘khusyukness’ in their kusyukness apparently other peoples focus and concentration aren’t as important, for they chant out loud and make obvious their ‘religiousness’, for others to hear their voices instead of their own voices. Once again a show of their main traits, the self above everything else, selfishness knows no bounds and they glorify themselves even in prostrating.

I had more than I can handle, I had enough of this, I need release! I was shouting in my mind. I thought the same has happened and as usual my cry vanished in air. I was glad I was mistaken, A few minutes past I see a luminous figure arising in sight. It neared me with its monstrous wings—it took me by its wings and carried me into comforting dark oblivion. Sadly it dropped me back into the land of crazy people. Thankfully, What I met was no man, it was a thin cow awaiting death.

I was peeling an orange and giving it to the cow, it stood up and started eating heartily. I too was happy; I was bringing joy to a living thing. I peeled another one and then another one as it was getting more accepting with each fruit. The cow now grew bigger and looked healthier. Though after a few precious minutes, the cow then suddenly fell and it’s tummy stopped moving. I overfed a cow with oranges. One half of the dead cow turned into sophisticated mangosteens the other into a packet of milk. I took them back home as a gesture of putting food on the table.

Your smile wide, almost invading, almost crusading through the doors of the hearts but your eyes are so dark, when my eyes lay lights to your heart all I see is a dry vanquished path, awry the heart has gone weary awry. They’re complacent of their deeds, they’re happy with their creed, the devil lives fornicating in their skins, these men! Are the devils representatives.

The guys in the front row, with their acts of self piety, they stand not adjoined but with gaps amongst them. The devils in between them were named separation, racist and fascist, superiority, arrogance, ignorance and the list goes on. All of them rooted from pride and stupidity. Stupidity in piety; I used to hate people, now I hate myself for being of the same species.

And then the snake came, it said, ‘I am poisonous, I am venomous, I am silent and I come suddenly, I attack silently, I learned all this from man and still man is and had always been better than me.’

Hey! Look at me! Look at me! I am pretty piety, why don’t you say something nice about me?

A realization dropped heavily on me, people’s logic and reasoning are beyond me. What they think and believe in is what they think and believe in. Only few have the gift into making them see how they connive themselves into transgressing deities. For now all he can do is strive naturally and hope to accomplish knowledge and experience wisdom and the art of understanding.

I am a little sick, my mind is numb, the chair I am sitting on started rocking by itself, instability caused the chair to rock, instability what a disability, for what it’s worth, life does revolves around dependency and inability.

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  • 1) pretty piety, i like this phrase. feeding cow oranges then it turned to milk n mangosteen, wow, thats like a big metaphor. it cud turned into yogurt wit mangosteen chunks

    anyway, nicley written

  • (Author)
    2) Thanks for taking the time to read this one..well yea i like metaphors, similes and the likes..

    Thank u for reading again.

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