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24/2/2011, Thursday 11.28am

It's staring at me again as I type this. I'm not sure why but I swear that when I looked away for a second, it will be closer than before. Like right now. It was supposed to be on top of the shelf. But now, it's on the floor. It could've fallen down. Since there would be soil everywhere.

Its sharp needles glisten under the lights. What is it trying to tell me?'s inching closer. I wouldn't see it actually move but when I'm occupied with other things, that's when it will come closer. Like last night, I put it outside the balcony with the rest of its kind. This morning, it was in front of my bedroom door.

With a butcher's knife next to it. This creepy, dude. I put away the knife of course. And put it back outside in the balcony.

Okay, creepy. I didn't notice it. There's a swiss knife next to it now. Where did it get that? I don't have any swiss knife with me. Wait a bit.

Okay. I put the knife away. It's still there. I feel like it will be poking me with its needle if I touch it. I might be okay last night. But what about tonight? Should I put a CCTV in my own house just to see it moves? And why would it have a knife with it? And it's always coming towards me. 

Is my cactus plant trying to kill me?

Yours truly,

Previous short story:
Francis and Elizabeth
Next short story:
Melancholic Heart

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Blake Zane

An Otaku and an Escapist. A Dreamer and Imaginative. Rides Pegasus and eats Ambrosia. Sleeps in the Clouds with Thunder as Lullaby. Eccentric but not Extreme. Loves but not in Love.
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