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Expectation, Reality.

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Melancholic Heart
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The expectation is AWESOME, but the reality is EPIC. Just don't let yourself down if something turn badly on you. some people knows when is the right time to take the chance and pour some risk in what they're doing. It's just life that we living with. If you scare to take the risk then don't and keep on whining like bitches. It's just a matter of experiences, learn it. Not everything turns out perfect, it may comes out failure but EXPERIENCE is what we need. You know what you've done wrong before so try to make it better the next time. Nothing good will comes out if you keep on whining and saying I'm not good enough. If you're not good enough just take a knife and cut your throat. Everyone have their own ways of acceptance. If you're sure of what your decision is so stick to it. If you want to be with her and love her then if anything turns wrong don't just run and leave her. You've already set your mind that you want to be with her forever so chase her. If you didn't ever think of chasing her then don't love her from the start.

Previous short story:
Melancholic Heart
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