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On the Gastronomic Note (Not For The Eyes at 4PM)

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It must be a sign of health and also wealth to be craving for something. Craving for the healthy (metaphorically-speaking) beef slabs with two slices of burger buns. Thinking of how the teeth sank into the beef, with the slice of hot beef hitting the insides of the cheeks. And sometimes, the ketchup flooded the insides of the mouth, hitting the teeth, crashing the barrier before meeting an old friend; the white shirt.

To be thinking about the (supposedly) healthy wholemeal sandwich called BLT. The thin slice of chicken that came along with its best friend, beef salami. Packed with goodness in the form of green leafy, people tend to make it unhealthy with tonnes of mayonaise and about one small teaspoon of olive oil.

But maybe the craving will just turn into something nearer home with the good old meat on the sticks; satay. Sitting at an open-air stall, reciting tens and tens of chicken satay and that satay, asking for tonnes of cucumber and for some; onions. One folds the sleeves of the (boring and plain looking work) shirt, throwing the necktie behind their shoulder to tuck in the food that can only taste like The Best Food on Earth with the ever-oily peanut sauce.

The power of naan cheese and tandoori makes one goes 'Aah'. The couple (the naan and the chicken, of course) that arrives on theplate (or plates) can only lead to a gastronomical experience that is almost orgasmic, bringing salty tears to the eyes.

Despite the spicy taste of the tom yam, who can deny its power to lure people back to the stall again and again? One can bring as many chicks but those with the best tom yam will always win. Well, unless the chicks are those in ..... let's leave it to the imagination.

The ever famous teh tarik certainly has its pull. Teh tarik in the morning and in the evening, can really put a close to the most exciting food experience. It is like ending an act with a grand murder or reaching a dramatic decision in a highly controversial kidnap case.

Failing teh tarik, nescafe is another heavenly beverage for those who suffersfrom post-lunch sleepyhead syndrome. The milkiness of the mixture along with its bitter taste, will always hit the bull-eye somewhere near the stomach. Even if Zidane walked into the cubicle, it is hard to even say hi (or prod his chest angrily).

This craving; this slightly insane thoughts about food can only mean we have an abundance of it. In the land and place with more than enough food to eat (or even list), we are actually extremely rich.

Previous short story:
The Prince and the Curse
Next short story:
Life & Times - Chapter 4

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Siti Aishah Abdul Aziz

the one who loses her rose-tinted glasses, with the tendency to borrow others thinking caps. 
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