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The Man Who Destroyed the World

The world is funny and so am I for pushing myself to write when I have nothing in particular I’d want to write about. Once again there is some problem with the network and I am unable to resume with my mundane albeit rushed, daily routine (work).  Needless to say I need to find something to occupy myself with.

There was this respected old man who greeted me without bias. He had a sweet smile and the tone of his voice esteemed. I sincerely said to him, ‘I hope to learn from you’, as he was about to give a speech momentarily. He then said gently, ‘No, we learn from each other, I learn from you and you learn from me. ’ I nodded in agreement although hesitant at first, but I dared not to disagree with this man.  If only the old man knew the vast differences in our levels (I am pretty sure he did too). The old man was the teacher of my teacher.

My teacher always said, don’t care about what others think, don’t even care about what you think, for you are merely a servant, subservient is what you should be. It is when you put self importance in yourself, you start speculating and busying your mind with unnecessary things.

These people they often put on clothes that appear ripe with age. They do not adorn themselves with expensive perfumes nor accessories. Though what they adorn themselves with are knowledge, their traits and qualities that neither kings nor scholars possess.

There was another old man, who regretfully expressed on how he once again succumbed to losing his temper, again. It was not my place to give advice to someone old enough to be my father or grandfather. Though I would probably tell him this in the near future, ‘we see it as a solution and that is the main problem. It is not the solution, even worse it brings about more problems.’ It might not stop him from losing his temper but he would probably agree with my remark. Of course that was the short version. You might start to realize that, this does not make sense, bear in mind I am not really trying to make sense but merely kill time.

There were then these kids, their faces always seem lit and though they speak their mind without having the slightest thought of what they say might hurt someone, their voices filled with innocence and their harsh comments were as true as the eyes can see. Different than the rest, these kids are already on the crest. With the kids around, one seems to forget the harsh world and the shallow rules society has cursed itself with.

Life, it suddenly seems like it’s on turbo. Seriously, time seriously flies. Maybe because I am always busy and I always have something that I ought to do, that or something people think I ought to do. I guess that’s good too, if you’re intention is to never get bored.

Back to the kids, we have a football match against the kids this weekend. It should be interesting and as usual losing, especially this game, is never an option.

Don’t believe everything I write, I am really bored hence I am shifting between reality and fantasy. I suppose I like it that way. That way, I still get to be mysterious and not so easily read haha.

Imagine living in a house, where as you slid the curtain and glance outside, you look at convenient stores, rows of shops and a wide range of people from every generation and from almost every ethnicity; though one  doesn’t get the homely vibe, still it’s pretty interesting and of course convenient.

‘People’, I think if it is some kind of accomplishment. I care less for them and the way they think. Now that I myself am a full-fledged adult, I come to the realization that, one does not get more mature not knowledgeable as he grows, though this may appear somewhat contradictory and somewhat self absorbed. I guess I am saying now that I am an adult; I am both growing in maturity and in knowledge. On the other hand, I noticed that other adults stop growing and they’re stuck with what they know and they’re still chasing what their intelligence portray as success and happiness. Anyways what I really wanted to say is that I am grateful and lucky and I hope I will always keep on studying and pray to have the penchant to constantly focus on gaining more knowledge and strengthening my faith. Notice how I repeated myself? That is me emphasizing on the importance of what I was rambling about.

I just felt like sharing this information with you, right where I started this paragraph, there was another one. I deleted it after completing the paragraph. I didn’t feel like sharing that piece of information with you. Instead I am sharing this with you.

This is bad; hence I am going to have to write more stuff that I shouldn’t write down. Maybe I should write a poem, let us try….well I just did and it was bad. Let me think of the essence and the necessaries of the poem I’d like to write about first.

Here goes:


My-my at first he thought is this guy for real?

They said, he accomplished the greatest of things,

But here he is, smiling and offering his hand,

I expected self importance and condescension,

Meeker than me who hath nothing,

It’s a sign,

How often do we see people of this kind?

Inside he knew, this man is one of a kind,

Soon he portrayed his proficiency,

Soon he became a disciple of him,

In conducting life and in discipline,

Life appeared more at peace,

For years he looked, searching for this being,

Finally, ‘I have caught the dream!’,

Though this is merely,

The beginning of a new crossing.



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The Man Who Destroyed the World

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Often seen as cold, bitter and distant but in reality is cool, sweet and not very distant..haha Sometimes I feel like saying what Kierkegaard said, People understand me so poorly that they even dont understand my complain about them not understanding me. On the other hand often I assume of understanding people i guess its a given or an irony or something else..depends on how you see it..
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