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Guardian Angel part 2
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Annoyingly Angry

Chapter 1 (THE WIFE)


The lonesome wife stare at the mirror; thinking & looking at herself

“Why he is not here?”

Gently, she move; just to make sure that she is living & breathing

Within a deep sigh, she felt the uneasiness of being alone; without love, without care

Laying there on the bed; spread eagle in all nakedness, she began to lost in her trouble thought

“Why isn’t he here with me? Why I have to endure this feeling?”

In that moment of silent, she light up a cigarette

She move from the bed, with the cigarette in one hand & a glass of Bourbon in the other hand

“All that I’ve wanted is to be happy”

Down the staircase she goes, entering the room next to the kitchen

Pictures of her wedding day, hung perfectly on the wall; the smile on that fateful day froze forever within the frame

She look at the pictures, all of the fond memories came flooding back into her mind

The vows

The kiss

The dance

The first night

All came gushing through her troubled mind

Teasing her, mocking her

She stood there; crying with the glass of Bourbon in her hand

She never wanted all of this to happen. She just wanted to be happy

Just like the fairytale ….

Previous short story:
Guardian Angel part 2
Next short story:
Annoyingly Angry

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The (mis) Adventure of Mr Jack ...

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