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A/N: A single rant as a restart to this dying account.


Honestly, I don’t really have the absolute idea why I am writing now. It’s been ages since I ever typed down anything longer than 140 characters in a single post. I don’t have a topic, or a theme, or a single clue to write off. It’s not that I’m lacking of muse, I still have a passion for writing to a level where I can somehow consider myself as a general of grammar nazi. This a fact which I personally conclude, based to an extensive observation for 2  years of noticing that my eyes are incapable of to stop twitching while reading a very, very horribly and untasteful article/essay/advertisement. Sometimes I almost gave in to my irrational urge of knocking my already unstable head to the wall after reading those blasphemy works disguised as 'intellectual' writings. There’s nothing intellectual about how awesome sparkle dusted vampires are! Can't you see they are goth faeries?


Actually I do want to knock my head on the wall right now. Please excuse me for awhile.

Wait, I change my mind. I’ll do it later. Where were we again? Oh, right...


I don’t mind reading rants though; as long as they cussed strategically and not all over the post. Rants give me hindsight of what’s going on inside the writers, or at least what they’re feeling during a rant was written. Though I can honestly say that a Facebook status update is not a rant, they’re merely unorganized thoughts typed down by attention seekers and emotionally distressed individuals to attract sympathetic people and annoy already distressed individuals out of their minds. It lowered the status of good, readable rants into some low grades scratchings, making it harder to recognize unpolished gems to fake shiny plastic stones.


And don’t get me started on post/article-sharing. The mortal being of myself not just dislike, except for good reminders-type articles, but TRULY despise repost articles. I can’t even brain why people need to repost the same, not smart and probably fake notice of how we’re being conspired against almost everything that came to existence despite the fact they’ll go on with their lives like they used to as if they’ve never read the notice in the first place. Nor can I understand why some people just have to view and repost pictures of dead/tortured/abused non-human creatures albeit they would go “O.M.G.!!! So horrible!!! Whoever did this must be evil!!!” at the same time.


I wonder if most of the public are closet sadists/masochists. I’m sure I’m not.

For some reason , I can’t stop giggling like an idiot as I now remind about a bloody behind-kicking scene in a certain Thai movie I watched few days ago.

Then, my serotonin is cut off quickly the minute I remember seeing my sister looked at me horrifyingly when we watched the movie together.

 Hey, at least I don’t repost pictures of dead kittens on my walls like someone did!


I guess I can now come to a conclusion to this excessive, no-point-in-the-first rant of mine. In a nutcase, writing to me is like going to shrink, without spending RM300 per session though. It gives me the opportunity to sort out my problems and releasing my pent-up stress; - and probably straighten out my sanity, if I actually ever have one. This writing precisely is just a preview of what might I write in my future rants, and also maybe a glance of what I am capable of making you wasting your precious mortal time into reading something that unintentionally made to bother you.


My bad. Can you excuse me for now?

 I need to find my non-existing normalcy that abides to what people thinking nowadays.

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An INFJ person. Currently suffers woe is me syndrome and almost bi-polar personality. More than often questions sanity and if theres actually something better to do....
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