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Read Me If You Can

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Lady Midnight
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Happy Birthday Ameer

Sorry, Viv. I can\\\'t make it. My brother\\\'s babysitter called in sick.
Spill me the details about the party later on, okay? xoxo.

Vivian sighed upon finish reading the text message.

This is your friend\\\'s party, Jen. How am I going to fit in? 


 Three days back.

\\\"Come on, Viv! It\\\'s going to be a lot of fun!,\\\"

Yes, fun. Cliche.

Vivian let out a blank expression. she motioned her eyes to meet Jennifer\\\'s gaze. Jennifer the party girl. Her eyes was full of hope and determination. 

\\\"No, Jen. I don\\\'t like crowds,\\\" 

An agoraphobic like me going to a party? You have got to be kidding me.

\\\"Oh please, Viv! We\\\'ve never been to a party together. I have to introduce my bestie to everyone, right? Just this time, okay?\\\"

Bestie? You really know how to joke, Jen. The only reason we\\\'re hanging out together is because Isaac is my cousin. Isaac as in the football athelete you have a crush on, remember?

Vivian sighed.

\\\" Viv, everyone\\\'s gonna be there. NATHAN included,\\\" Jennifer smiled as if she\\\'s holding the win card.

Baiting using boys. Another cliche. Why does girls with amazing bodies always seems like they\\\'re lacking in brains? I am over Nathan. He\\\'s with Julia now. Oh, how addictive his smiles are. His dark bottomless dark brown eyes you would love to be drown in. Why does my heart aches? He deserves Julia. I -

\\\"Hello?,\\\" Jennifer snapped her fingers; ending my emotions tug-of-war. 

\\\"I\\\'m not going. That\\\'s final,\\\"

A flare of anger was clear in her eyes. 

\\\"Oh bestie. Alright then. I\\\'ll just tell your mum that you kissed Nathan. How you -,\\\"

\\\"I\\\'ve never kissed him!,\\\" Vivian exclaimed.

\\\"I know. You won\\\'t even get laid before you\\\'re married, but your mum REALLY trusts me, don\\\'t you think?,\\\" She winked and laughed. Big. Evil laugh.

Agoraphobia vs mum\\\'s anger. I swear I am going to kill you, Jennifer. Yeah right. 



Vivian eyed the unfamiliar environment; searching for familiar faces. Her gaze found Nathan - kissing Julia with tongue applied. No way! Unable to react, she stood still.

\\\"Hey, you okay?,\\\" her shoulder was tapped. \\\"You looked pale and lost,\\\"

\\\"I - I\\\'m fine,\\\" Whoa! Who\\\'s this guy?

\\\"Sure?,\\\" Beside than awe-struck, I am fine, mister. What a nice jaw-bone. 



\\\"Yes to that too,\\\" she sighed.

\\\"Care to join us?,\\\" This guy is either complete moron or extremely friendly but whatever. Being alone will do me no good. Plus, I need to take pictures to convince Jennifer the bitch.

Vivian nodded and followed the guy\\\'s footsteps leading to a table of eight. Thank God it is not too crowded! I\\\'m so uncomfortable among too many people!

Vivian observed his moves in discreet. Every flicker of his eye, every smirk he made, his blinking rate - anything that could be contradicting to his words. The smallest details.

He did not talk to her so much even though she is indeed attractive. Attracted, he is, but his emotions were under extreme control. First time the two of them met, yet he noticed that she is already attracted to him.

People say the art of love lies in patience. You can try to win a heart overnight, but will it lasts?

Vivian studied his face, his complexion. Noticing that she is already attracted, he ignored her most of the times. Established little eye contact - make her feel she is a part of the conversation but little enough to make her feel a bit ignored.


Midnight came and everybody departed. The guy vanished without the chance to say goodbye.

Nathan is serious history. Vivian chuckled at that thought.


  Jennifer was outraged when Vivian showed her the party pictures. Especially when Isaac was one in the pictures, accidently taken - kissing another female. End of besfriendship.


\\\"Viv! You got a letter,\\\" Aunt Marie shouted from the kitchen as Vivian walked down the stairs to the living room. Letter? From who?

Vivian took the sealed envelope. Her name was on it. No address. Weird. She opened the envelope, revealing a name card inside. 

DECLAN 014 888 1313 

A smile carved.


\\\"How do you know I would call that day?,\\\" Vivian asked while she plays with Declan\\\'s finger.

\\\"I don\\\'t. I\\\'m just hoping you would!,\\\" smiling as he answered.

Vivian held his hands - tighter.

\\\"You are unbelievable!,\\\" Damn, this guy is irresistable!

\\\"Why do you believe me, then?,\\\"

\\\"I don\\\'t know,\\\" Why don\\\'t you just confess that you already like him that time, Viv?

Vivian smiled. Declan watched her closely. Her head was tilted to the side, showing comfort around him. You never realize what love makes you. 


Their relationship is growing fast. Vivian was being dependant to Declan in no time.

\\\"Honey, my parents aren\\\'t home tonight. Accompany me for the night, please? 

  It was a very beautiful night. The stars were sparkling bright. The moon was full. Vivian and Declan watches the beauty from the balcony of Vivian\\\'s room.

\\\"I love you, sweetie. You complete me, just like the stars complete the moon tonight,\\\"

Vivian blushed. She reached for Declan\\\'s hand.

\\\"I love you too, D. You\\\'re such an amazing boyfriend!,\\\" 

Declan held Vivian at her waist and kissed her lips. Parted naturally, she reacted to the kiss. Her first kiss.  

\\\"I\\\'ve never kissed before,\\\" she uttered.

\\\"No way! You\\\'re a great kisser!,\\\"

Declan\\\'s lips found her\\\'s and it stayed there. Vivian felt love.

\\\"I love you,\\\" whispered Declan as he kissed her ear. He licked it slowly and went down to her neck. She whimpered softly.

He hugged her and slipped his hands under her blouse. They kissed more, both echoed the sound of want. Vivian loves the way he touched her. Gentle and very arousing. Within minutes, their clothes were on the floor. It was the best night of her life.


Declan was long gone when she woke up the next day. He left a note on the bed.


Thank you for last night, Viv!
One of the best, I would say.
The pleasure was all mine.

Did I ever told you why I was interested in you?
Have you ever heard the saying - men only want ONE thing?
Yes, that\\\'s correct!
Amazing body you have.
Untouched, pure.
I was in awe.

Oh my! I still can\\\'t believe you fall for me.
It was really hard to lie to you, you know,
given that you know quite a lot about body language and I have to say,
you are good at reading it.
Well, it gets easier when you fall for me.
You believe me more.
You let your guards down.
I can lie to you without you noticing.
What a nice test subject!

You think you read me right?
No, you\\\'ve read me wrong.

Thanks for last night.
In case I miss you, I\\\'ll play the video of us making love last night.
(Oh, I didn\\\'t tell you I\\\'ve already set up an infrared camera in your room?)
You want to watch it? I\\\'ll email to you later.

Truth is bitter medicine, no?
I don\\\'t love you, Viv.
My love is solely for deception.
Especially people like you.
People who think they can read others.
You don\\\'t know us.
We adapt. We evolve.
And we always find our preys and catch them unguarded.

Oh, I forgot to tell you.
My real name is not Declan.
But it is really a good name, isn\\\'t it?


Tears changes nothing.


Previous short story:
Lady Midnight
Next short story:
Happy Birthday Ameer

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