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Forgotten memories

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Come Back Down

I am the one standing at the back of the room. Watching your every move, mesmerized by you. I know this is so wrong but I want it to be right so bad. Will you turn around and see me for once? Please don\'t let those fears get hold of you. I am a nice person, inside. Looks are only superficial. Will you be my friend?

I brought you something; a gift. Open it and take a peek inside. Yes, I know you love it. Because I watch you from outside your window...every single night. No, don\'t run now. Don\'t you like my gift? It\'s a heart. See how it appears to be so real? That is a secret...someday I will reveal it all to you.

I do love your sweet smiles. They turn my frowns into a thing of the past. Come here closer. I promise I won\'t bite. What do you think of me? I am not a bad person. I\'m sorry if I\'ve frightened you but I don\'t mean it. Here, take this candy. No? It\'s not poison. It\'s a magic candy. It will fulfill all you wishes and dreams. There\'s a good girl, eat some more.

Where are your parents, little one? Oh, they are busy at work? That\'s okay...I will keep you company. I love your ponytails. Can you teach me how to make one? Yeah! Sorry, I think there\'s something in my throat. Don\'t be afraid. It\'s just a little blood. I\'ll wipe if off. Now I\'m all better.

Who am I? I am...someone you know. Your mom said not to talk to strangers? That is a very good advice, little girl. But I\'m not a stranger. I am a good guy. Come, let us go play at the playground. It\'s not very far from here. Take my hand. Your hands are so small in my big ones. Hide inside my big coat. It will be fun, like playing hide and go seek. Hurry, little one! I see someone coming this way. Are you comfortable in there? Good. Why am I cold you asked? I guess it\'s the weather. But you will keep me warm along the way, won\'t you?

Here we the playground. You want me to push you on the swing, little girl? How can I say no when you smile like that. Hold on tight. Your laugh is so melodious. How old are you? Five? Wow, you are a big girl. I love you flowerly dress. Mama bought it for you? That is nice. What about papa? He didn\'t buy anything for you?

Oh, I\'m sorry to hear that. I\'m sure he\'s in heaven right now; watching over his little sweet angel. Look at the sunset. Gorgeous, isn\'t it? Hmm? Papa loved to watch the sun sets too? What a coincidence. What about mama? She cried everytime watching the sun sets after papa went to heaven? When mama\'s coming to pick you up? She\'s coming any minute now...

Don\'t forget to give mama the present, okay? Say it is from someone she knew. Oh, I see your mama\'s car at the end of the playground field. My, why does she look so worried? Here, let me help you get down from your swing. This will be the last time I\'ll see you, angel. Can you give me a kiss? Thank you. And give my kiss for mama too, okay? I have to go now. Tell mama, I love her and I\'m waiting for her in heaven. And this kiss is for you, my lovely. Take good care of yourself and take care of mama for me. You promise? Pinky promise? Okay. Go to mama now. Give her a nice big hug. Bye my darlings. I will always love the both of you. Forever...

Mama: Baby! Where have you been? Didn\'t I tell you to wait for me in school?

Little girl: A nice uncle asked me to give this to you.

Mama: How many times have I told you not to talk to strangers?! Where did you get this?

Little girl: He said to tell you that he loves you very much and he\'s waiting for you in heaven.

Mama: It can\'t be! Tell me how he look like.

Little girl: He\'s still there by the swing, mama. He\'s fading away. Mama! He\'s doing a magic trick!

Mama: Where? I can\'t see him. This heart shaped locket...I\'ve kept it hidden and had forgotten about it. Does he look like this guy in the picture?

Little girl: Yes. Who is he, mama?

Mama: (cries her heart out)

Little girl: Mama...why are you crying? Are you hurt?

Mama: It\'s not possible.

Little girl: Who is he, mama?

Mama: That\'s your papa, sweetheart. He died of lung cancer when you were a toddler.

Little girl: What is lung cancer, mama?

Mama: Someday, I\'ll tell you all about it. Someday...

Little girl: Wait! Papa said to wait here and watch the sun sets together with him.

Mama: Sweetheart...papa\'s not here.

Little girl: Pleaseeeee. Can\'t we just wait for a little while longer?

Mama: Okay...

And the three of them watched the sun sets together, his arm going around his wife and his child. When the skies were a big blanket of darkness, he kissed his child on the cheek. And he gave his wife...a whisper\'s kiss on her lips. A kiss full of promise...


*i feel so dark writing this still gives me the goosebumps!*


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Come Back Down

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i wish my life was a musical...i'm waiting for the people around me to break into a song anytime soon.oh yeah, and they can dance pretty well.
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