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The Judgement Day

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Wong Lim Fun
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Sweat and Tears

The clock keep on ticking…tick …tick…tick…and every single stroke of the needle represent every second pass by. He nervously waited for his turn to make the appearance. All has been set. This is it. The excruciating pain crawl through his vein due to the guilty feeling. He knows by fact that there is no way he can’t elude this punishment. Finally it will end soon. For years he heard tirade about the judgment…for years he been laughing at it…for years he has actually sub consciously planned and set up his own downfall.


Now all has been cleared, his transgression has been made public…he is no longer the authority….he is no longer the power that behold the justice….ergo he has no power to stop it from coming…it is too near…too soon….he is not ready for it…


He can imagine the excruciating pain that he will suffer soon…pain that can be felt through out his body…he can imagine how much blood will be spill upon the act of judgement….he can imagine how the blood will smear his black and white stripe t- shirt he been force to wear by her….the thoughts of the pain is good enough to make him tremble…he is scared now…but he cant run away…not anymore


Suddenly he heard his name being announced….his body shivering…sweating….deep inside his heart he can feel the fatal judgment is too near…his knee weakened but he force himself to stand still…he cant avoid to face them anymore…he took a deep breath….he felt like crying….he has actually drop a tear…but he vigorously try to control his emotions…he cant let them know his weakness now…he cant show them that they are winning….


Suddenly he remember everything clearly…how sweet has it been…how much he have it all this while….how he has been running around the neighborhood without feeling guilty at all to show his sweet possession…his precious…the one that condemned him…he still remember passing it to all the kids from neighborhood…how they have been following him and saluting him like a king for having it….how he cant stop himself from consuming it…addicting it….


He can clearly remember his old folk tirade on it….his teacher sanguine presentation on why we should avoid it….his friends and foes advice to not be possessed by it….and suddenly he remember that smile….How would he show his face to Rihanna again….all this while he has been using it as a bait to show off his wealth to Rihanna….Today he is condemned for it…where would he put his pride and ego…


Suddenly he heard his name being announced for the second time….


Andy…please come in….


Now, let me see…you dont have to be scared my dear boy….we are only going to removed the badly decayed tooth….let me count…hmmm I think two is enough…I will work on my magic for the rest but if only you promised me not to eat too much sweet my dear boy…See how it damaged all your teeth…You are losing your cute smile without it…ok..







An hour later Andy left the clinic with her mom smiling.he feel glad.They have removed the damaged tooth and they promised the new one will grow soon and he look cute without it still. Suddenly the door open and he saw rihanna coming with her mother too.She must be having the same problem like him.


He walk coolly to rihanna and tell her…”Don’t worry, new one will grow, but make sure you brush your teeeh always and do avoid taking too much sweets ok…” Rihanna look at andy toothless face with awe and suddenly she smile back…”You look cute, I will gladly join you after this, See you at school”


Previous short story:
Wong Lim Fun
Next short story:
Sweat and Tears

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