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To everybody that still live in this world


First and foremost, sorry that I didn’t address this letter to anybody as there has been to many names to be mention and I don’t have the desire to wait any longer.

I would like to say that I am sorry that I'm not here in this world with you now as I have not been found wanting in this world anymore.Or perhaps I don’t have the desire to live anymore. Sorry that I don’t have the guts to move on, to fight, to work hard, so on and so forth. Some knows that I had quite miserable life lately and may have presumed that I end it for the pressure and stress that I face.It is the truth.

I have been thinking about this for quite sometime but I fear death itself that I couldn’t do it before.I even had this few years back but I managed to fight it.

I have nobody to blame for what had happened in my life, if it were, it is my own fault and perhaps some bad luck. Nevertheless, it was meant to be.

I am writing this to warn everybody , if ever you found no color in life, no sweetness in the air that you breath ,no enjoyment in food that you ate, no will to move on, no desire to see the sunlight…please be carefull. Seek help. All this will kill you and eventually you might end up like me. It won’t take overnight to become like me, the building up take years. So if ever, seek help. Do not follow my path, life is beautiful, I have my own reason to not to be here with you today and unfortunately, it is not for sharing.

Who ever feel like forgiving me, thank you. If not I’ll be in hell forever nonetheless for my sins so I will be punished there. Don’t worry , life after dead is just and fair.If I owed u anything, take what ever left that is mine and if it doesn’t cover everything yet , you will get whatever yours on judgment days. I’ll be condemned for eternal life in hell.


Sorry that I don’t have anything to be inherited to anyone…I got nothing in life…damn...


We will not see each other again, don’t put any hope on that…I will not die in peace….remember me not, erase me from your memory…Goodbye..all of you...sigh...BANG!!!!

Previous short story:
Babycharmer: The start of an ending
Next short story:
Babycharmer: "What are you guys up to?'

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