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Four Minutes To Save The World

Previous short story:
Deepest Cut
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Boy O' Boy

Note #1: This story is pure fiction and sometimes doesn't make sense at all. It is created by four people who wanted to have fun in the Chattroom and filled their boredom.


Note #2: This is my first short story. The reason I wrote only in Poetry Section before this cause I am so bad at grammar. Therefore, please correct me where you feel need to. And don't hesitate to give me one star if you think I should re-write this story.




The phone was ringing in the pocket of his navy blue jacket. Fai took it out and saw Coree's name blinking on the phone display.

"Hi Coree! What's up girl?" He answered.

"Fai! You gotta help me!! We have only four minutes to save the world!" Fai can hear Coree's panting from the other end of the line.

"What? Why? Where are you?!" Fai took a glimpse on the big round clock on the wall of a building nearby. It's 11:56 pm.

"I don't have time to explain. Come here quick!" The phone line went dead and Fai started to run. He didn't have any idea where Coree is. He didn't have any idea how he'll get to her but kept running as fast as he can.


Four minutes to save the world! He whispered to himself. The clock struck three minutes before midnight.


Four minutes to save the world! He had no idea what Coree's words meant. The clock struck two minutes before midnight.


Out of nowhere he saw Coree came out from a corner of a building. "Fai!" Coree shouted. She was running towards him.


For minutes to save the world! "Coree! Take my hand!" Fai pulled his right hand out as he ran towards Coree.


Four minutes to save the world! Their hands met. The clock struck at twelve. It's midnight! Thunderous explosions can be heard from everywhere. Fai closed his eyes. All went blank.




"Urrgh..where are we?" Fai heard Coree's voice as he opened his eyes. It was all dark except thousands of tiny blinking lights.

"I really believe we are living somewhere in the space rite now," Fai muttered as he looked around. Nothing. Nothing but the darkness. Silence. Fai saw nobody around him except Coree and they are now floating in an empty space.

"If I can breathe in space without oxygen, and if I don't mind the muteness of space....I would gladly follow you," Coree chuckled.

"Look around us Coree. We are in space. An empty space! No one around! Oh wait, is that Rea? Hi Rea!" Fai waved to a motionless body which floating not far from them. The face resembles his best friends Rea. The unmarried 26 years old Rea. Rea didn't answer but Fai could see some movements of his fingers. As if he's typing something.

"Coree, I think you need to know this. I've already mutated myself a long time ago. I am no longer need oxygen to breathe. I am using the sun ray now to stay alive. And, as we touch just before the explosion, I transferred this ability to you. That's why we are still alive," Fai explained to Coree as Rea floating towards them.

"Whoa! No wonder I saw giant Godzilla like monster!!" Rea suddenly shouted.

"No Rea. It's just your imagination. You haven't mutated like us Rea. You need oxygen to breathe. You'll die in...I'll say...two minutes," Fai patted Rea on the back. He knew it's time to say good bye to his friends.

"Hmmp," Rea's face started to turn blue.

Fai turned to Coree and said, "I am no monster Coree...Don't believe what the near-death-man says".

"What are you, then?" Asked Coree.

"I am just a humble human being. With a little extra-o. Coz I am breathing the sun ray....muahahaha," Fai answered with his evil laugh.

"Aah Fai. I almost melt with your words," Coree was winking at Fai.

As they speak, they saw Eme floating by. Eme was their associate in a secret club called The Kapasitor.

"Hi Eme! Do you like floating?" Fairuz asked.

"Floating as in?" Eme looked clueless.

"Floating in space Eme," Fai told Eme with his voice down. Afraid Eme will jump up of scare and ran away.

"Eme..In space!" Added Rea. Fai looked at Rea who he assumed already dead. Fai moved a little bit away from him.

"What do you mean in space, Rea?" Eme asked.

"Our world is over Eme," Fai volunteered to explain. "The world as we know is gone, exploded. And now we are floating in the space, and Rea. Well, he's dead honey. He's just a talking corpse now." Fai sighed while shaking his head. He tried to show that he's mourning his friend death.

"Rea! You are a zombie? It is so cool!!" Coree was excitedly clapping her hands.

"I am sorry Eme. I couldn't help him. I am already mutated so I don't need oxygen to breathe anymore. And I already saved Coree. Unfortunately, I didn't have chance to save Rea." Again, Fai explained to Eme who seemed still hadn't understand what really happened to them yet.

"Awww Fai. You are my knight after all. Thank you!" Coree interrupted.

"No need to thank me Coree. That is the least thing I can do. I should've help you save the world. But I was too late. I am sorry Coree." Fai apologized to Coree.

"Ah..I'm totally lost in a different world...better run away n save my own life," said Eme as she began to fly away.

"Cepat Rea!! Tangkap Eme...Dia nak pegi tmpat lain tu. Nanti termasuk black hole plak dia!" Fai shouted.

"Fai, I guest this is our parting words? Before you turn into a zombie like Rea," Coree said to Fai as they watching Rea trying to catch Eme who already far away.

"You don't have to worry about that. I'll never gonna be a zombie like him. Didn't I said that i am extra-o?" Fai tried to calm Coree down.

"Eme! Hang in there. I nak baling baldi. You capai cepat!" Coree threw a pail to Eme as she saw Rea failed to catch her. But it was too late. Eme already sucked into a black hole, reaching another galaxy.

"Fai, extra-o? virus apekah itu?" Asked Coree as she pulled back the empty pail.

"extra-ordinary..." Fai replied.

"Owh." Coree nodded. She impressed with Fai's brilliant vocabulary.

"Too bad we can't save Eme," Fai sighed for hundreds times.

"Emeeeee...someone save Eme!" Coree scream in despair.

Fai looked around him. He saw the dead body of his former friends floating around. Caha, Mangi, Zingg, they all look very peacefully without pulse. Fai decided that he don't want Eme to be one of them. He don't want Eme to ‘live' among the dead. So he screamed.

"Emeeeee.....Take my hand please dear, Emee! EMEE!! Damn it Rea! Are we lost Eme already?" A few drops of tears running down Fai's cheek.

Looking at Fai's expression on losing Eme, Coree became jealous. "Hellloooo," she said.

"I am sorry Coree...I am always your knight.. But I have to save everyone..."

"It's okay Fai. You only broke my heart...not my soul"

"I will never break your heart Coree. This is something I have to do. This is something WE MUST DO!"

As they quarrelled, they saw the sight of Eme again. Emerge underneath the black hole.

"Come up here Eme. You can sit on Rea's dead body. Don't worry. He can't feel anything. He's a zombie," Fai told Eme.

"abg_ku dead already? NO WAYYYY!!!" Eme shouted in disbelief.

"I'm not a dead, so don't worry," Rea lied.

"But...Rea just tagged me. I'm turning into a zombieeeeeeeee," Coree coughed, tried to free Rea's hand from her beautiful neck.

"What..what?? Oh my...I forget that Rea is an evil zombie!!" Fai was running towards Coree, trying to help her. "Hanging there Coree...I'll save yoouuuuu...."

"Coree-chan sebenarnyer the Evil dalam citer nih..Dia yang turned me into the zombies in the first place," Rea explained as he released Coree's neck from his grip.

"Oh Coree...what did you have done?" Fai asked.

"Eh? Back up a little. I was the one yang nak save the world, remember? How can I jeopardize the innocent people?" Coree put her arms to her hip, looking at Rea angrily.

Fai confused, "owh...who should I trust?? Is it Coree who trying to save the world? Or Rea, my former-best friend but now a zombie?"

"Trust me Fai. You are my knight." Coree came closer to Fai. Took his arm and put it in hers.

"Who knew. I'm heading for the sun anyway...its shiny and sparkle...i lyke!!!" Said Rea, who already lost his mind. He opened his arm and leaned backwards, letting the gravity of the sun pull him closer.

"Rea! that's the moon! Silap jalan tu!!" Coree shouted as she saw Rea flew towards the moon.

"Zombie don't know how to think...sowie," said Rea while waving his hand. A sign of farewell.

" we need to save a zombie...or just let him go?" Fai was scratching his head.

But Coree asked him back, "Ermmm what do you suggest we do with a zombie?"

"Burn it in the sun is the best way...but he was my best friend...don't u think I should save him?" Fai was begging Coree's idea.

"I thought you are a zombie too Coree-chan!!" Cried Rea from afar.

"No I am not Rea. I dah jumpe cure! So I'm human again." Coree told. No pity on her face seeing Rea went closer towards the heat of the sun.

"And you won't cure me?? See who the real evil Fai??" Rea shouted in angry.

"Is the cure within Caha's blood? i think we should open his body, take all his blood and save the world!!" Fai gave a suggestion. "Tell me Coree. Where did you get the cure?" Fai kneeled in front of Coree, begging her to tell him about the cure.

"To open Caha's body sounds like a marvellous idea!" Coree's eyes shining with joy. "But Fai, I bought it in 7E".

"Err. Where can we find 7E in space?" Fai asked hopelessly.

"I saw one Fai, on the way to the sun just now" Rea said while pointing at a square shape building with a green coloured roof spinning towards the sun.

It was hard to believe how a building could survive a terrible catastrophe which turns the earth into dust. But nothing is impossible, says Toyota. And impossible is nothing says Adidas.

"Okay Rea! Listen to me! Go into the 7E, look at the back of the store...." Fai was trying to help Rea.

"Zombie can't listen... I like sparkle and shiny things. Yummy!!" Rea already lost his mind. He tried to grab the shiny light of the sun. He failed of course. Then he paddled with his hand towards the sun. Towards the so-called-yummy thing.

"Ah. I am sorry Rea. I can't save you. So long buddy," Fai waved his final goodbye as Rea began to melt, into the sun.

That's the last time someone ever saw Rea. As for Fai and Coree, they keep their survival by eating junk food and slurpees from the 7E which they managed to catch until they die because of obesity. But they died in happiness, as they know; they are the last two creatures of the world.



Kori-chan as Coree

Rea as the talking Zombie

Eme as the sucked-into-the-black-hole-but-then-come-back girl

Fai as the mutated human

Previous short story:
Deepest Cut
Next short story:
Boy O' Boy

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