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  • 1) wait sekejap...

    ini cerpen ke kisah hidup kamu? kalo cerpen.. i got so much confusing here... BM ke BI.. i tot it supposed to be in BI section.. or in BM section (here) if u intend to.. err... should write in BM with less BI.. i supposed.. or.. if this is english short story then it should be in english section with no so obvious used of BM..

    ah! saya keliru..

    then if this is ur life story... shud put in community section.. ;)
  • 2) mybe anda masih belajar menggodek kapasitor.. jgn2 segan2 bertnya ya...
  • 3) ha ha, in case no one have yet to greet you. WELCOME TO MALAYSIA! ha ha!
    oh ok, this entry really give a headache. it somehow more englisher than malay. hehehe.

    hmm, guess next time better put it in english sect tho.

  • (Penulis)
    4) community section? still new...and this was actually something i put on my blog which i dont know if im spose to put this as English or Malay write-up..

    kalau salah tolong tunjukkan ya..
    tima kaseh
  • 5) ermmm...
  • 6) ni cerpen ke luahan perasaan? hehe

    *patutnya letak kat community..take note he :)

  • (Penulis)
    7) yeah, got that a lot.

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