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Antilah mantun, ba nan takadia...
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Alahai... [Part I]


p/s: actually cite ni aku copy dari buletin kawan aku..aku just nak share je....hihihi..nak 2lis sdiri x pANDAI....share pon jadilah ye.... 

         A young lady was waiting for her flight in a boarding room of the airport..as she would need to wait for many hours,she decide to buy a book to spend her times..she also bought a pack of cookies..she sat down in arm chair n started to read the book in peace n rest..beside the armchair which the cookies lay,a man sat down and started to read his megazine..when she took oout the first cookie,the man also did it..she felt irritated but said nothing..she just thought;''what a nerve!if i was in mood,i would punch him for daring''..for each cookie she took,the man took one too..it was infuriating her but she didnt want to cause a scene..

        When only one cookie remainded,she thought; ''aa..what this abusive man will do now?''..then the man took the last cookie,divided into 2 and gave her one half..ahh..it was too much..she was much too angry now!!..in a huff,she took her book,her things and stormed to the boarding place..when she sat down at her seat in the plane,she looked into her purse to get her eyeglasses,and to her surprise,her packet of cookies was thr,untouched n unopened!!..she felt so ashamed..n realize she was wrong..she was forgotten that her cookies was kept in her
purse..the man had divided the cookie into 2 to give her,without any angry or bitter..while she was angry he divided her cookie with her..and now no chance to explain nor apologise..in our life,there are 4 things we cant

the stone...after the throw..
the word...after it's said..
the occasion... after the loss..
the time..after it;s gone..

moral value die,jgn ler kedekot2 sgt,tgk tu,marah org amek n share biskot ngan kiter,skali tgk mmg die yg punyer biskot tu..kan dah kantoi..malu je.. lenkali,tulis name kt plastik biskot tu,br tau sape punyer..huhu..

Cerpen sebelumnya:
Antilah mantun, ba nan takadia...
Cerpen selanjutnya:
Alahai... [Part I]


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