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A joy to read
uculer wrote this review for: Chapter 1: The First Encounter
calendar 12/01/2011 21:50:21 PM | 2007 views

Personally, i'd say i had fun reading this particular chapter. Not only was the story distinctive with a good storyline, there are clear distinction of where it is heading to. I have absolutely no patience writing something so detailed like this that I absolutely love the writer. 

The story started off with someone who ended up being lost despite a help from a GPS. It sounded tragic to me, with a pinch of humour. From there on, the journey started, Without a proper physical building, the author managed to build the campus inside my head. The backgroun in the earlier part of the story was extremely familiar; registration for college. For those who have been through it, it was like walking through a memory lane. For anyone who has never go through one, it was an accurate picture for them. 

The first character that the author gave character to was Lia. From this point on, Lia will never be 'just the girl in the story' but a girl who gives nickname. And then there was Reef who will be known as the rich kid with flashy cars and busy parents. 

Some stories take the easy way out; assign characters to certain looks like round glasses, spiky hair. But not this one. Every character is different with distinctive personality. 

i'm expecting to see more secrets revealed slowly in this novel since naniemk really put a lot of effort to research on the history. For anyone who is looking for a good story, this is definitely a good read. 

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