Seminar: Becoming a Wordsmith

The Internet is a powerful tool. With the Internet, there is no geographical boundaries and time limit. Many companies are turning to the Internet for marketing efforts. 

A wordsmith grabs the chance and earns extra money from writing reviews, editing manuals and even conducting their own survey. 

So, why can’t it be you? 


Participants will be exposed to the tips and tricks for freelancing through writing. Participants can expect to gain benefit from the tips to win the clients’ heart as well as places with available freelancing jobs. The conductor will also share ways on how participants can get benefit from their talents. 


- The seminar is open for ten (10) participants only.
- Participants are required to write an essay of between 150 and 300 words on ‘Online Advertising’. This article will then be used during discussion to sharpen writing skills.
- Lunch meal is available for everyone.


- To help participants be a better freelance writer.
- To learn together on becoming a better writer.
- To remind the participants on the importance of copyright issues. 

Those who are interested can contact uculer to provide personal details like full name, IC number and phone number. Once participants got the registration confirmation from jojo oruculer, please make prompt payment to secure your seat. 


Payment: RM80/person
Maybank Account: 164258374173
Name: Siti Aishah bt Abdul Aziz 

Feel free to contact uculer at 012-2080164 to confirm the payment with reference number and date intact.


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