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Time To Say Love


You can call me a stalker if you want but I do act like one even though I don’t like it. But this heart longs for him and defy my own self-restraint. If I try to close my eyes and sleep, suddenly I see him. If I try to do other things to take my mind off him, I’d feel him around.


To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. I’m paranoid about him. Not negatively, but in a strange way where humans call it full of affection. When he comes home, I’d act cool and full of elegance as if his existence means nothing to me. But it’s always every time that I succumb to his whispers and caressing where his touches understood that I was just pretending.


But with me being this way, I know I couldn’t tell him I love him. I know he understood. I know he can feel me but I need to tell him myself, with my own voice.


So I run to the roof and pray. I do this every night when everyone else is asleep while he sits in his library and read novels no one could possible think still exist. It’s the 33rd night tonight and I’m still not giving up. I run to the roof and start to pray again. To my surprise, I see not paws but hands, palms and ten fingers!


I’ve become a human! I stare at my body and I turn around. And I see no tail! I understand how human behaves from watching my master all the time. I quickly jump off the roof and I land hardly on the ground. I forgot that I’m a human now, no more a cat. I sneak into my master’s office and grab his painting dress. It’s actually a red piece of cloth with length reaches my knee and he uses it to paint lots of beautiful paintings. I know human don’t usually show off their body like we animals do so I wear it with difficulty.


Suddenly I hear a gasp. I turn around with my black hair hitting my face (I don’t even know I have such long hair!). I see my master with his mouth forming an ‘O’ and the books he holds fall to the floor. To my own surprise, I purr. He blinks his eyes. I remember human words but I know I couldn’t speak properly but it doesn’t hurt to try.


“Me not thief,” I said, surprise at how thick my voice is. He still has that face and for a while I feel afraid of how he thinks of me. He raises his hand and points at my back. “Tail…” I hear him say. I turn my head a bit and see what he sees. My tail!


Then suddenly, I realize what it all means. It’s the only time I have to say what I wanted to say. I look at him and I think he is figuring out something. I leap and reach his hand and kiss it. I know he is surprise but I have no time to think.


“Love,” I hear myself say. “I love you,” I say. Then I feel my cat ears coming out slowly. Now I can see that my master starts to notice what is going on. “No time,” I say. “This is last.”


“I love you,” I say as I look into his deep emerald eyes. I think I could see what he is thinking behind the glossy eyes. They do say pets understand humans better than other humans, right?


I can’t remember how many times I say ‘I love you’ to him. And I don’t think I can say it properly anymore. My legs feel weak and I can feel fur appearing on my body again. “Love…” I say again. “Pray every night…finally human…say love…before go…” I say as I slowly fall to the floor.


Well, cats don’t live as long as human, do they? So I know this is my final farewell. “Love…” I hear it again. But it isn’t my voice. I look up and see him smile. “My love,” he says and embraces me.


That is all I need before I become small and furry in his arms. And I do not fail to feel hot liquids falling on my body. And it is then that I feel nothing…except his love.

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  • 1) at certain angle it is sweet, but in the same time freaky and disgusting, eh, how la if my friends cat turn to human and kiss me and we carry on til ..... way in hell man....grosss........

    anyway, for the fresh idea and the purring is cool....high 5 from me
  • 2) My dear love …purr…
    How I long to love you….
    Kiss you and be with you….purr…
    To live my seven life with you….
    For you I would sacrifice my whiskas…

    I vomit fur ball everytime I think of you…purrr
    My claw loom everytime your smell stimulate me
    I smile everytime I run across your two leg ….purrr..(you didn’t curse me that time did you)
    And I make that cute face (like the cat in shrek we watch together) everytime you cuddle me…
    Oh my dear owner…meow…

    Nyit nyit chit chit
    emmm….mouse ran across…
    yummy….MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pranggggggggggggggg

    From Far : Stupid Cat , Not the Vase again !!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • 3) awww this is a sad the way kudos on the effort.plz don't grant my cats wishes to be human! i have a lot of cats. i think this is your first short story? correct me if i'm wrong.

    me likey. and welcome to the shortie section ;). start your engine and start writing away.
  • 4) the master is actually in love with his own cat?? really???

    i love it! 5 stars blake! ;)

  • (Author)
    5) ahaks! Well, it's not all that disgusting for me cause all the cats that have been 'attached' to me are males is SWEET!!! I write short story coz i don't have the 'passionate' ideas for my poetry for now, actually my passion is writing stories, not poems.
    zhenta: NO IT'S NOT GROSS, MAN!
    nightingale: yup, locked and loaded!
    syud: um...well, not actually. the cat is his best friend and has always been there for him. the fact that the man owns a lib means that he doesn't go out.

    there you have it
  • 6) hohoho.. sweet, but a bit scary as well.. ;) good effort on the writing anyway. a very refreshing story line. keep it up :)

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