Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

One Drop of Tear Fell...


She had come again. This time, with tear-dried eyes. I clenched my fist unconsciously. My eyesight becomes blurry then and again. There was buzzing in my ears. She can try to smile but I can see the misery in her heart.


She talked about the cat she just found in front of her house with a sad attempt to look cheerful. Girl, I know you. Stop pretending. I knew he did something but I know she won’t tell me. I knew I couldn’t do anything even if she told me. I only need one thing from her. Just that one thing and I will break his nose, heck! I’ll break his bones if my fists alone were enough.


And as if she understood me, she suddenly turned and walked away after saying she’ll call me tonight. But I didn’t want it to end like this anymore. I didn’t want her to come to me again with the same sad look in her eyes. I needed her answer. I needed her decision. And I didn’t need to repeat the same scenario every day.


I got up and went after her. I grabbed her arm gently and spun her around. Oh how I thanked God when I saw a pure liquid drop fell from her eye. I wiped the lone tear and asked her what have he done. She told me reluctantly that she knew she was just one of the girls he was currently seeing.


A part of me wanted to scream in joy because I knew she was devastated by him but most part of me wanted to cry with her because I understood how it felt when the one you love was with another person. She begged me not to go to that dreadful guy because she knew what I would do to him. “He had his chances. I told him not to let a single tear falls from your eye. And now, this is what he has shown me.”


I went to the guy’s house unannounced and surprised him. He looked as if he had done nothing wrong but I sensed an amount of fear in his eyes. Well, he has always feared me ever since I wrote that poetry to him. With a sarcastic smile, I said to him. “I told you. One drop of tear is all it takes…”


And I wasted no time. I lurched towards him and punched his face. Before he could pick himself off the floor, I made an uppercut and hit his jaw which made him fell backwards. He was groaning in pain. Yeah, I knew he was in pain but did he know how much pain he caused for her? For me? Only God knew.


The next day there was tragic news appeared of the front page of local newspapers. I read it with only little feeling of remorse and guilt. A man was badly beaten to death and the house was furiously rampaged too. Police concluded it was done by some gangsters since the deceased was known to be ill mannered. But I didn’t regret it. After finished reading it, I flipped it close and smirked silently. I looked at my bandaged fists and remembered how I broke his house…and his body. Yes, no regret.


A gentle woman voice called my name. I stood up from my couch and went to the kitchen. She was calling me to taste her new baked cake. Yes, no regret.


She was here. She was all I needed. And she smiled. We were meant for each other.


DISCLAIMERS: I absolutely against any kinds of violence and baking is approved with the presence of your mother. Thank you.

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  • 1) err till now i'm not quite sure whether the 'I' is a male or female. nevertheless, it's a good try. but it lacked some element of surprise la. maybe you should add some element of surprise or suspense, then it will be better. but still, a good one :)

  • (Author)
    2) i wrote this during lunch break within 15mins and i think you might notice that it was written in a rush...thanks for your comment anyway~!
  • 3) 15 mins and you can write this? omg. i officially hate you (envy your talent so it's a good kind of hate. am I making sense? nvm)

    love breaks us and builds us right
  • 4) hey hey hey..i really need to catch up a lot with your posts here.. =)
    u'd be surprised if u know what i was imagining while reading those lines. and i like the final part. ur disclaimer part. of koz we need supervision while baking. it doesn't even have to be my mother. well, i could burn down a house if i bake on my own. XD
  • 5) gile~

    shouldn't u do that to a guy? no matter how horrible he was..err..after all, u had mananged to get her at the end.ait?


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