Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

my 2nd gf


first of all i'd like to thank jojo for encouraging me to post my blog thots in this site. i was quite flattered and i hope to write more in the future.

this is just an exerption (wonder if spelled that right) from my blog at iamizwa.blogspot . while reading, hopefully the readers would excuse several grammatical mistakes and some vulgar language. thanks and cheers


1. I love my second gf. She always look hot in red and black. She doesn't talk much. And she's always be there when I need her. And, most importantly she doesn't mind me ferrying other girls with her.

2. I met her couple of years back, when I was posted in an petrochemical plant. Truthfully, it's not actually love in the first sight. She was a standard, normal looking girl. If I can assign it to a Malay, she'd be wearing a descent tudung with green baju kurung. Nothing more, nothing less. A nice round ass, closest.

3. But then, in hesitation, I took her. In all honesty as a recommendation from someone. And, when I accepted her, she was not entirely in good condition. But, as good gf's, she's always try to deliver her best. I took straight back to my place 360 km away.

4. As a student back then, and with limited pocket money, you could not do very much with the leftovers. Datings are always moderate. Nothing much that she and I can indulge. But one thing about her, she hates competition. If there's anything in sight, she'll run it over even though it'll ruin her at the end of the day.

5. I guess, throughout my relationship with her, she became a little bit naughty. This is because I managed to pamper her that costs me several hundreds ringgit upon completion of my training there. She became nasty. I like. I'd call her , "she devil". I've even tattooed her body with a devil wearing skirts. She's starting to look hot.

6. And so, when I go clubbing and picking up nice ladies, she's always be there. Sometimes we'd do threesome and she can just go on and on and on. Ah, what memories.

7. I'd travel everywhere with her. She's alright. She doesn't complain much. As long the basic elements are fulfilled, it's enough to make her happy.

8. As soon I got my job as an reservoir engineer, I decide to pamper her a bit. She's okay with it. In fact, she starts to look better. She even sounds better. I gave her some nice dark accesories and it's making heads turn. She's like a "mary jane" in me. Give me some gong, girl.

9. One bad night we were both caught by an enforcement officer. They found out several offensive things and slapped me with a huge fine. I was offended and sad of course. She had to undergo rehab and she became very different.

10. As times went on, I noticed that she's starting to become a little bit sick. I was quite worried because without her, my life would be useless. I'm half dead without her. I can't do my things. I had to do something for her.

11. Finally, I have saved up a huge lot for her recovery. I'd sent her to a specialist so that she can be reborn. It's not pretty, it's going to be a big pain and she'll never be the same again. But, I was very excited and optimistic.

12. She looked great after her makeover. She looks fantastic and sexy in red. She's like a porn star. I love her. From a descent tudung girl to a hot porn star. What an achievement.

13. Not enough, I decided her to give an upgrade. Perhaps this is the most expensive upgrade I've ever done. Nevertheless, I am very determined to get her done. Again, I've sent her to a specialist for a huge makeover. You're going to look great, baby.

14. As expected, she is in her prime after her makeover. With her it's like having an orgasm. She's faster, more furious, more noiser, and shamelessly agressive. Every time when I had it with her I'd be very tired. But it's allright, I was very, very satisfied. She'll run like a rat to your shoulders.

15. I'd take anywhere with her then. She still doesn't mind if I dated another girl at the same time. In fact, she doesn't mind if I had it with her watching. She's a role model to women worldwide.

16. If you're wondering whom I referring to, well, I'm afraid it's going to be a bit disappointing. I think it's better I leave to the readers to figure it out.

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  • 1) welcome aboard wan ;)thanks for sharing.. yeah~!
  • 2) hahaha, i miss-interpret this story 1st time reading. dem yuh wan! :)) hahahahaha.

    how's ur vios?
  • 3) kereta..ahaha..gile la.fall in luv deeply with a car. ahahhaa....
  • 4) #15 is the best part. hehe :p
  • 5) mula2 baca dah tau dah esp ayat "most importantly she doesn't mind me ferrying other girls with her."

  • 6) ble mase vios pakai tudung??


    *agaknyer plastik time bru beli tu ah tudung kot~~ :p
  • 7) cis cis cis. tertipu juga! cis cis..
  • 8) splendid
  • 9) >hiDuP2 ak d tiPu:)
    >beSt a cEta:)

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