1. Serabut in English means disorganized. Usually in Malay it is used as an adjective, used to describe a person. A person with an unsystematic life can be described as serabut. Phrases such as, "You are so serabut, you know that" can barely a appropriate way to ditch a person. For me, I'd try to stay away from these people. I learned that from a hard way.

2. I was once acquainted with this chick quite some years ago, when I was just completed my studies. Fresh from college, I was full of energy that was always utilized for partying and drinking. There goes my contribution for society.

3. Back to the chick, I met her at a club (where else) where I was partying with my college mates some place in KL. She was with her friends and they sat next to my table. As a gentlemen, I offered them couple of drinks and they accepted it. They were quite loud, screaming and standing on their chairs. Not bad.

4. At the end of the session, we all exchanged our numbers in case we want to keep in touch. After some while, this particular chick text me asking me out. I knew this girl, she not exactly Jennifer Lopez but I guess it's allright. I'd guess it's okay to hang out with her. No harm done.

5. She drives a small compact car that describes her personality. So usually when we hang out I drive her along. We dated for a while.

6. It doesn't take long to discover her disparities. She's completely disorganized. I'd guess she changed jobs almost on a weekly basis, blaming management at fault except for her. I'd tried to empathize (and symphatize), but after losing jobs consistently for 7 times I think I have the liberty of making a conclusion. There's even one day she'd forgot where she works.

7. Another that was unattractive was that she absolutely idolizes her friends in absolute. From my observation, there's nothing outstanding about them. In fact they share the same characteristics inside out. They must had some sort of a union for serabut individuals like her, ie. Persatuan Serabut Semenanjung. Imagine one night, I had to drive more than 50 miles to pick up a friend just for a miserable drink and then send her back. In 3 in the morning, during working days. It was just too much. You'd normally do that in an occasion of death of a relative. I mean, which geography school of idiots she graduated from ? Then again I tend to be a bit passive and let her way through.

8. And not forgetting, she smokes like a fucking chimney. 5 packs per day, at minimum. Whenever I kissed her as though I was kissing a dude or an ashtray. I did not enjoy that entirely. Even though I advised her to control the addiction, she'd just doesn't care. So much for a free health advise.

9. Hygiene ? With that kind of personality, I'd prefer not to elaborate more. But in short, I was quite terrified to discover hairs in the most unwanted places. Especially during making out. I was barely keeping it hard throughout the whole time. Forget advising because with that kind of response I'll be expecting, I'd rather save my energy to be patient.

10. The one that snapped me out was she was a K and E junkie. Imagine 80% of the paycheck is invested to those skunks. Which school of finance she studied from, god knows. Every time she got stoned, her eyes looks as they they're going to pop out and she looked absolutely terrible. I'd rather date a makcik cleaner be her boyfriend. That's it, I'm bailing out. 5 months and I just couldn't take it anymore. For me, alcohol, women, weed, OK. But not drugs. Don't do drugs. Drugs are bad for you.

11. It was quite different when I broke up. She just laughed and say good riddance. I'd guess she just took a skunk prior of meeting me. I'd guess that helped to ease her pain. She is just so serabut, god bless her for that. I celebrated by having a tower beer in a kedai cina.

12. Don't date a serabut. It's just going to make your life more serabut that it already is.

cheers and have a nice weekend..

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  • 1) 5 packs per day?? wow, i thought 1 pack is bad enuff..

  • (Author)
    2) oh yeah, u wouldn't believe it. standing next to a metrobus exhaust is much healthier. smoking is okay provided that u can control ur addiction.
  • 3) gile. baik letak mulut kat serombong kapal
  • 4) hohoho..5 months to finally bail off, quite patient u are! don't do drugs!
    • sha
    • 12 years ago

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