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A story about YB Dol

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His name is Dol, YB Dol to be precise. He is an elected member of the parliaments. His duty is to serve & help the people who voted for him during the election. He is a kind & just man. Some say, he is the man of the people & a precious value to the community. He is so famous after the election; he has his own street that bears his name.

How a person name Dol elected as a MP you ask … well there are many urban legend surrounds Dol nomination for MP. Some say, it’s was his father influential connection that landed Dol the job. Other stories tell, that Dol use a witch doctor to “help” him win the seat & many other strange stories.

Dol was raised in a family of politician. His father is an avid politician & also a key member of the local council. His mother is a chairperson of the women side of the political party. His siblings also a member of the political party & with the “help” of the party, they both landed a career in the government. For Dol, he like to read & hoping that someday he can be teacher, so that he can teach the younger generation to be knowledgeable young adult. For him, politic is a frivolous game of deceit. In the entire book that he has read, he knew that only the kindness of the human heart can change the world.

When he started to enter university, he encounters a new phase in his life. He develops a keen interest in non government organization. He was an avid supporter of new education development. He thought that the old education system is way too ancient for the younger generation. He went to demonstration & street rally. He shares his idea & idealism with his fellow NGO. This went fine until his father found out. Joining the NGO is consider a blasphemy in his family. For his father, liberal is only for ingrates. Even the word “non government” sends a shivers to his father spine. Not wanting to shame his dad honor, he pulls himself out of the NGO that he holds dearly. After graduating, his dad forces him to join the party. He said, “We need strong youth like you to uphold our precious values”.

With a heavy heart, he joins the party youth wing … just to satisfy his old man. While in the party, he sees the true nature of his fellow party members. He thought a political party such as this surely works for the betterment of the people. He was dead wrong … way wrong. He sees clearly that the people joining the party are only for their own selfish benefits. One “veteran” party member said, “this is where the money at, son”. He was shock with disbelief.

After a few years in the party, somehow his name got nominated for a parliamentary sit for the up coming election. He was thrill of course, but some where deep inside his heart telling him that something fishy is going on here. But the promise of power & wealth overcome that guts feeling. He is one of them, finally. The rebel inside of him has lost its battle. During the campaign, he played like any other dirty politician; persuade voters with money & “would be empty promises”. The plan work pretty darn well. A couple of day before the voting day, a shocking news spread like wild fire through out the town. The opposition candidate, well, to put simply … suddenly drop dead. For Dol, its a “hip hipidy horee” news for him. His win without contest has put a really big smile in his old man face. He knew his son will do him proud.

Today, YB Dol (as many would called him these day) played golf with “the power that be” on Sunday. Meeting with potential “investor” (just leave it at that, shall we) & opening uber cool shindig at his free time. The people at his constituent rarely see him. He doesn’t even bother to spend time at his home town office. But the people still adore him. “He is our boy,” said one of the uncles.


Lately, his popularity among his younger voter has slowly fade (thanks to the “public enemy number one; the blog). Somehow his, supposedly secret “hot” picture with a “lady friend” went through out the web space. Of course, he denied it all & releases an “official” statement (all thank goes to our “big brother”).


The story goes away with a single snap (the person who uploads the picture never to be heard again). YB Dol is now waiting for a Datuk-ship & a whole lot of “investor” to come his way … & he is all smiles.


YB Dol, “for the people, by the people” …. Yeah right! …



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  • 1) :D
    that's all that i can do
  • 2) first of all the positives: wide vocab. shindig, frivolous, for examples.
    and if I may add, the sentences structure are a bit bland for most part of the story. A few negligible mistakes.
    Other than that a direct and true summary of malaysian politic.

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