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Daftar Sekarang!

Me, You and the Rooftop.


So here we go..

Katie's parents had a huge fight again. And for the hundredth time, she was the victim. She has been slapped, kicked, and pushed away by her two biologically parents. She was just being like a punching bag for her parents.

Katie couldn't stand it. And she couldn't do or say anything. She was clueless and she was so alone. Without further thinking, she ran away from her "peacefully" humble abode. She didn't even bothered to pack her stuffs and just wandered around, heading nowhere. Just to soothe her mind. Katie checked her watch. It was after midnight.

"After midnight... Hush now my love and hold my hand," she hummed quietly to her favourite song. Unfortunately, her favourite Ipod was run out of battery and she was really getting bored. Really reaallyyy bored.

Katie walked slowly following the beat of her heart. Without her permission, the unwanted scenes from her parents fighting suddenly came to life. Like watching a live movie happened in front of her eyes. She hated so much every time her parents argued and had rows. She couldn't bear to hear anymore foul words that both her Mom and Dad yelled and screamed towards each other. Katie started to weep silently. The pain in her heart is more crucial than the wounds, bruises and scars she had from her parents' abuses.

At this tragic moment, the only person she could ever think of is, Alex, her best buddy she ever had since the day they were in their primary. Katie went to his house. She walked faster since the rain started to pour.

"Seems like you understand how I feel right now," said Katie while she was looking upwards, stared blankly at the black sky.

The down pour became heavier as she arrived at Alex's street. Thunders and lightings followed her in each step she took. Katie was getting scared. She clearly did not want to be dead by lightning strike. Who ever would want it, right? The rain became heavier. Katie walked faster enough and soon afterwards she reached her destination.

"Oh Alex, please please you're still wide awake," Katie prayed hopelessly. By now, Katie was already wet and she was getting really cold. She took our her hand phone and dialed her best friend's number.

"Hello?" Alex answered sleepily after the tenth ringing.
"Alex, it's me. Katie," she replied.
"Hey,wassup? You don't usually call me in the late night. Is it anything wrong,dear?" asked Alex.
"Um,well, I'm in front your house actually," Katie replied shortly.
"Haha,funny. I don't fall for that sweety. Nice try, anyways," said Alex clumsily.
"God! I'm serious Alex! Could you please believe me for one second? It's raining like crazy here!" Katie shouted and hanged up.

Alex chuckled while he took a peep at the nearby window and saw his Katie was standing alone and shivering.

"Oh shit!"

He ran and went down stairs as fast as he could. He struggled with the house keys and like the Flash, he zoomed straight to the girl whom he had a very big crush since they were in primary. And still, he does.

"I'm sorry, Kate. So sorry. What happened? I thought you were joking. Come inside now," Alex muttered to Katie. He took her hand and ushered the way to his house.
"Gee Kate! Your hands are freezin' cold! How long have you been outside?"
"Long enough to make my hands cold like this," Katie rolled her eyes out.
"My bad. Sorry. Um, why don't you take some short and warm shower first? I will make you hot chocolate okay? Your all-time favourite," offered Alex.
"Thanks Alex, I really need you right now".
"You know I'm always there for you.."
"Hey, are your parents in?" Katie asked; looked puzzled when she found the house was so serene. Just like she wanted so bad in her humble abode.
"Nope, They're visiting my grandparents this evening. Probably they're already sleepover there," answered Alex as they climbed the stairs.
"Your sis and bro?"
"They followed too, C'mon, I'll show you to my room," said Alex.
"Like I never have been too," Katie smiled sheepishly.
"Haha.. You're right," Alex laughed softly.

As they entered Alex's room, and as Katie had expected, there was a pile of dirty clothes laying everywhere, empty pizza boxes and soft drinks cans cluttered on the floor and many more untidiness that didn't have to be described in details.

"Sorry for the mess. You know me well, Kate," Alex apologized.
"You don't have to be sorry Alex. You too know me well and my room," Katie said.
"Alex, can I borrow some of your clothes? I didn't bring anything at all," asked Katie while finding a clean spot to sit down.

Alex rummaged and searched his wardrobe and found the perfect choice. He gave Katie his favourite t-shirt, the pink "Love is for Losers" t-shirt that Katie had given him on his 17th birthday and heh! His favourite candy and ice-cream boxer too.

"You wanna wear these?"
"Oh my! You still keep my gift?"
"Absolutely, it's special gift from a special person in my life~"
"Huh? Pardon me?"
"Err.. Nothing. Why don't you take your shower? I'll wait downstairs. And wait for the details too okay?"
"Thanks so much, Alex. I don't know what to do if I don't have you," Katie briefly hugged Alex and went straight to the bathroom. Alex stood for a moment; flushed; and climbed down the stairs quickly with a big silly smile on his face.

Katie finished her shower. She tiptoed when she went down the stairs. She wanted to surprise Alex. She just love doing that. Katie went to the kitchen and saw Alex was just finished placing two cups filled with hot choc on the dinner table and when Alex turned around...

"God Katie!! You scared me!"
"Hahaha... You are so easy Alex.."
"What if I got a heart attack? I'll probably be dead by now you know.."
"Okay okay I'm sorry. I won't do it again.."
"I've heard that before.."
"Oh Alex, I'm sorry okay? This time is for real, I promise," Katie hugged him and Alex just stood there; shocked; definitely didn't expect she would do this and absolutely didn't know how to respond.

On a very large red couch, they drank their hot choc and laid back. Alex asked Katie every single details he wanted to know. And Katie explained everything including her parents' screaming, yelling, and even abusing her. Katie cried and Alex started to cry too. He held her in his muscular arms and they were both weeping silently.

Alex wiped her tears away and said,

"You've got to settle this problem, Kate or it will haunt you forever. I don't want you to suffer like this anymore. Whether you like or not, we will lodge a police report tomorrow and whatever happens next, I will face it with you, no matter what okay..."

Katie smiled and she hugged him tight.

Afterwards, Alex took Katie to the rooftop of the house. Whenever both of them having troubles, they love to lay down on the roof; watch the stars and the moon. It will be even better when the moon is full. The scenery, the atmosphere, the cold night breeze and the person to be with are just more than enough to reduce any kind of stress and mess.

"Awh.. I just love to be up here. The view..." Katie broke the silence.
"So peaceful and mesmerize," said Alex finishing Katie's sentence.
"And it makes you want to..."
"Fly," Alex prompted in the perfect timing.
They looked at each other and laughed their hearts out.
"You always finishing my sentence, Alex," Katie said while playfully hitting Alex on his arm.
"And you always know what's on my mind," Alex replied while he tugged Katie closer to him.

And there it was two best friends who did not know that they were made for each other and yet they were still waiting for the right moment to say it and the right person to start it.
They fell in love already long ago but then both of them had no guts to tell their other half about their feeling although they do share the same emotion.

LOVE... brings them together. And Fate completes it more.

Alex and Katie spent the night laying on the rooftop; watching the night view. Katie fell asleep in Alex's arms and as usual Alex held her tight; protected her from cold and just wished that Katie knew that he loves her more than he could bear. And by that time, a shooting star swiftly shoots across the sky.

Alex made a wish.

"I wish this moment stops so I could treasure it until my last breath. I love you Katie. I love you with all my heart..."

Alex kissed Katie's forehead without knowing that she just heard his honest confession.



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  • 1) For a moment there, it was like the start to an erotic scene, lols.. but I liked the ending coz they he made the mistake of thinking aloud.. :P well.. a welcoming mistake.

  • 2) ha ha. the boy is so naive kan joe. which shows this story is written by a girl. ha ha!

    a straight foward easy to the eyes writing.
    nice one! :)
  • 3) i can sense you just finished a novel and suddenly a story pop up in your mind.

  • (Author)
    4) joehafiz; heh. a bit more of wild imagination can turn this story into something else. haha! a sweet mistake kan? *tahap berangan yg melampau*
    cahatomic; thanx caha. =)
    konstantin; me finished a novel? err.. draft die pon tak buat lagi. huhu~
  • 5) alex must love her that much huh?
  • 6) i mean. finished reading a novel.
    sorry. :)

  • (Author)
    7) uculer; yep,he does. =p
    konstantin; ohhkay. this short story has been written a year and half ago. i just had enough courage to post it recently. haha~
  • 8) i like the flow of the story .. nice ..

  • (Author)
    9) ahnep; thanx =)
  • 10) beautiful story telling. yes it is.; hey walla walla
  • 11) a cute love story with a happy ending. everybody loves happy ending. ;) I hope you'll write more walla.;)

  • (Author)
    12) zhfr and mosh. thanx and insyaAllah will do.
  • 13) so shweeettt... yeh.. write more please... kipidap!

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