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hello everyone.

it's been quite a while since i've wrote, and i have been to some places when i was away. mostly it's all work, but i gave some time to compile several materials in my mind so i can write in this blog.

i managed to go through again of my past blogs written last year. i must say they must be a roller coaster of emotions that was playing in my head that had drove me to write a lot. and apparently that was my true expression. i did not reserve, or place any censorship because i place a lot in my honesty.

throughout the lies i've gotten and been to, at least there is a plane where i can share my true expression of thought.

2008 for me is such an eventful year. much more than 2007 in overall. i'd guess that's progress. in terms personally i managed to become a bit more confident of myself and a little bit brave in expressing my thoughts, whether for work or something else.

moneywise, well, i guess i'd fare a little bit worse because i've committed several investments where you can just say 'eat more than i chew'. i'm struggling approaching at the end of the year, hopefully i can rebound it by mid of this year. hopefully.

i just guess i'm pretty bad on money.

i've gotten myself a fair amount of trouble last year, and i paid a considerable amount of toll. physically and mentally hurt , but i just have to see this as an opportunity to become stronger in mind. not only that, i would have to more intelligently aware of my actions and know where to channel my energy at the right place and time. learned that from the hard way.

on health, i'd guess i've been in good shape. i've been working out a lot but did less on sports. try to do more sports hopefully by this year.

and, that's all about right now. i don't want to elaborate in much detail because it's not about me. the world does not evolve around me. it's me or i, have to evolve with the world.

i'd guess that in 09 it's more about substance and action, because sitting here, talking about it is not going to do that much. i've observed a lot of blogs saying their miseries in their lives but barely any action that has been done.

expression of thought without action is not enough. it's like you want to have sex but you're not up for it.

what do i expect in 09? well, i don't know. looking around the news it's going to be bad. this is the first time in my working life, facing such economic crisis. i myself am worrying how am i going to cope with it.

you probably have heard by now that we are facing an economic crisis. but what the fuck we care about it ? what does got to do with me ? me , us, just a normal camper got nothing to do with economic crunch. but it does, and it's gonna do really bad.

i'm going to put this crisis in a really simple form.

imagine you have 10 dollars but what it is actually worth is 2 . that means 80 percent of its value are lost. you would have to have 80 dollars so that it'll worth 10 dollars before.

when banks lose their projection, interest rates goes up. buying power goes down. bad debts and loans go up, and banks would stop lending. buying power goes even down. manufacturing goes down. demands to buy go down. things get cheap due to lack of demand, and supply would go down. when supply go down, workers can't work to manufacture supply. they'll get retrenched.
this process will go on like a domino till it gets to me and you.

that's why all shops has super duper crazy sales to an amount you can't believe.

it's like a fucking tsunami.

unlike last year's tsunami, recovery it's just within months. this kind of tsunami, recovery it's within fucking years.

quality of life will deteriorate as compared to previous years. what you enjoy now may not be enjoyed again later this year and onwards. so enjoy as much as you can right now because life it's even more shorter and miserable later.

this has prompted hopefully not only me to live life as much as possible. i am moving from waiting to act , to immediately act. how should i do it is a matter trial and error.

what about you ? how are you going to react ? how are you going to react when you are worth 80% less than you actually are ?

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  • 1) that's a scary thought
    and i second the one you said on making actions
    talk is so goddamn cheap

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