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Her Shattered Dreams


There was a Princess. They called her Little Love, living in her own little world.

She has many dreams, good, bad and nightmares. And she tends to follow it, without knowing which good,which is evil.

All her dreams was about love, life and happily ever after…

She keep hoping for a Knight In Shining Armour, A  Handsome Prince name Carl and all those super hero from the fairy tales that never really exist… told by an idiot.

Little Love was an innocent, believing those tales, until the dirty devil ruined it.

She was kidnapped, left in a dark jungle, struggled to live in her own, away from her comfort little world…

She waited, prayed, for her warrior to come and protect her.

Poor Princess… Alone. With nothing to hold, just a dream.

There she sat… Crying like a babe… and soon fall to sleep…

Being caught up in a web of dream, with head still full of nonsense fantasy where she utterly convinced, that love could conquer all the obstacles, she was laughed by the dirty devil.

"Hahaaahaaa, poor Princess, poor Little Love, still being a hopeless dreamer. May times change you for all your pity sake. Love is nothing but a fool. As long as you still believe those fool, you will always be under my rule."

And Princess laughed back to the devil.

"Wait till my warrior come and get me,you dirty devil. Just because you never experience love,doesn’t mean love never exist! Love was  never a fool, except for those who has a fake heart that beating hard".

While waiting for her Knight In Shining Armour, to fight for her honour, she whispered,

"je t’aime Prince Carl, je t’aime beaucoup. Aidez-moi".

While waiting for her  Handsome Prince, to kiss her and wake her up from a long good night sleep, she silently muttered,

"Apresurar. Bese mí, Prince Carl. Por favor."

She prayed again

and again. Asking for sign….

And her prayer was answered… The truth was reveal. But not as she hoped.

The Knight was a liar, and so does the Prince. They were never real. They never came. The dirty devil was right.

Nobody gonna help her… Tears fell like rain.

Love,where are you?

Carl, don’t you love me?

Carl, don’t you want to wake me up?

Her dreams shattered into pieces…

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  • 1) aku tak berapa nak faham la cerita sikit..hehehe

  • (Author)
    2) aku cerita kisah seorang puteri yang hidupnya penuh khayalan tentang putera raja yang kononnya bakal nak selamatkan dia dan jadi jodoh dia, lepas tu hidup yang penuh hepi eva afta... walaupun ramai dah orang suh dia berenti berangan, tapi dia tak denga. akhirnya dia sedar, rupa-rupanya itu semua khayalan... alah, ko pura-pura paham dah la. hahaha
  • 3) the princess is juz like me..huhuhuhuhu :D

  • (Author)
    4) owh... yep, same like me too.
  • 5) like it's never will happen
    no princes no love
    just like me i guess

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