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Part THREE: The Other Daughter of Thor


“Be still my heart; thou hast known worse than this” –Homer

Evening sunset, with golden chariot as big as the sun; Zchusius, future King of Arcadia, rides with a giant bouquet of silver and gold Gardenia blossoms. Coming down to the earth. Stood under a great old magic oak, Larmia; heartbroken and weeping,

From ageless world, I come down
To see thee, my Larmia, daughter of Thor
For I can see flames of fire’s Hell,
I can see men’s crying blood and guts
But I can take no such tears well

That I can see The Evil kills
For I take them a circle of life
In that blaze, myself too I bury
Because I shall not give to love nor care
And my wand resting fight

Wind and earth change over time
For thee I wish would not
I am sorry our love has expired
Gardenia flowers are not thy favorite
They are for my new bride

Farewell my Larmia, forever always
Daughter of Thunder that thee
Raise thy baton wand, shall end all wars
For thee heart, people and humanity

In a temple of temperance, Gods and Goddesses gather to confer. There’s fire flaming like meteors coming from Hephaestus’ between fingers. Osiris, God of Water, dropping crystal waters of heaven to ease the suspense. Asclepius, the Healing God, gives all a box of potion for health and soul, even to Hades, God of the Underworld; the ruler of the dead. “May you be well, Hades, as I only wish for balance ” says Asclepius. The King of the Gods, Zeus takes his seat, the rest stop playing,

Balance, I heard? And justice needs
The earth and everything beneath it
My fellow friend, Hades, why do you request?
Such a lunatic desire that thee have
Demand more souls to live
Underneath the earth, inside a grave
More gone humans, you need

For I to wish for else, would not
I longed to see spirits lost
My King, you are the fairness of all
Humans are kind to lose control
The Hephaestus’ fire just it takes
Or Osiris’ angry waves, those skins shall break
For this I shall call for war
Between humans and nature source

Ahhh Hades, such thee I could not stop
Only the emerald wand of War
Larmia, my dear, what is silence for?
Daughter of Thor, that you are
Do you agree for human’s war

King Zeus, the father of all gods
My wand, my soul, my heart, I’ve won
For I shall give this way to Hades
My fight is over, it’s been centuries
Humans’ love I do not faith
This emerald heart of mind I stray

False clarity in thee heart, I see
It is broken like pieces that should not be
Larmia, thy father has warned thee
How much time for thee heart to heal?

Listen thou art, Zeus!
The lady spoke from within
Witnesses are the seven seas
And the eight sense of thee gods
Die you humans of the face earth!
Here comes war for your settle!

The conference ends in whispers and confusions, as Larmia sits in silence. Hades smiles grinnishly, have not be able to control the wait. Hephaestus and Osiris are captured by him. Zeus, looking at Larmia, shaking head with disappointment.

My poor Larmia, look and feel thou art,
What thee has done and has not
I shall not wait till the seven seas rise
For Hades full of evil and anger in his eyes

Venus, the love heir, Goddess of Love, rushing to find Larmia who hides so far far away, away from Macedonia, Roman land, Scandinavia and everywhere else. Having the queen’s instinct and sense of a broken love, Venus finds her, lying on olive-colored grass wearing flamboyance beige silk, a gift from the guardian King of East Mountains.

Sister of our souls, hast thou be, maiden Venus
How I wish as pure as the beneath land stream my soul is
For you the Goddess of love, who isn’t in love
Bring me answers why taken mine from destiny

Calling Zeus, brings me here, confront you Larmia dear
Agony of heart and humans tears
Shall not be for granted, thou art Thor’s inheritor

Unspoken words Larmia has in mind. Regrets, discontentment, tormenting and resentment. She dares not speak of them in front of Venus, for she has been the closest to her all along. She is keeping the silence for quite a while, thinking, staring at the sapphire skies; I shall not be in a victim of devotion love… Knowing a flowing idea, Venus lies at the side to reach out to the thoughts of Larmia,

*sigh*…golden dreams these are no
Nor it is become like silver pure grains
But for triumph of humanity and sake
I shall never fall in love again

Forgive me sweet ally, for thee must forget my ever trade
To grant upon such uncanny wish
How can I ever make

Larmia takes Venus’ hands and disappear into the land of Jotunheimr, the terrain of old cursed out of gluttony and vicious hearted Thrymr. A knight of revolution, Thrymr’s own, Khalypsus roared for transformation, killed his own blood. The present King of Jotunheimr, Khalypsus be. At the moment, he is riding on his greek horse named Pegasus, hunting for forest deer. Larmia points at him to Venus,

Look thou art, Venus to witness
He once confessed his divine heart to me
But not him who I wanted ever
Drowning into rebellion river he is

With such bravery and cold the father he slayed
Out of anger and mind slaved
He once swore never to be good again
If nothing comes true to his way

Take me to his, make me fenced
For I never to love any man ever again
Become his bride of despair I will be
So I won’t open heart to anything

*Cry*…oh Larmia, thy heart is closed
And to settle with Khalypsus such throne
Is there any else way to ease thy gloom
But betray his heart and fool thee self you choose

Venus holds Larmia’s body and flies up. She nods and tears falling to the ground. “If this what thee desire, Larmia…then may thy heart rests with it”, whispers Venus to clouds.

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  • 1) is this for real ???? .. if u wrote this ... one word .. AWESOME ..

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    2) thanks ;) but it wasn't easy tho.
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    4) Thanks Exa ! don't worry, i'm still struggling with the system too ;)
  • 5) omg
    i'm seriously speechless

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