To Dream


He asked himself, why bother scribing when nobody heeds. Too deep, too heavy, not something we want to read, an inability to come to terms, nay to comprehend. His works structured, filled with messages. But the self curled up, loathing and harboring ill thoughts, wretched and losing, sulking in a lost dimension… waiting for a bright door ajar, beckoning him to loom in.


Had I fail, have I failed, failed I have in taming the evil within, a sin who’s goal to come to impress, to amaze and astonish others. Then say, I shant fall neither succumb to the becoming of life akin to making an impression of men. Surely this wickedness of the human desire ought to be tamed and disciplined.


An antidote for the mind wanderer, to escape from the crooked formalities, for the worst kinds wears a remarkable attire; to jealous and impress the aspiring dreamers. Injustice and inequality, a race within these elitist; superior in many ways, putting fear in so many races.


The mind wanderer besieges not the soul of mankind, for he thinks unlike the suits, more selfless and less worldly, a fight that seems alone and crazy.


They proclaim, Justice will come in time of injustice, for things that prevails, eventually perish such are the laws of the world in history.


The self waiting, the heart knowing, the mind begins to reveal its prowess, the time has come, Awaken thy! Who awaited so long. In a new light where answers are definite, a pathway unraveling, a journey of joy devoid solitary, meaningful and purposeful, filling emptiness with profound and wisdom.






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  • 1) justice will prevail eh?
    what if its too late then?
  • 2) mcm tersuka plak piece ni. *smile*

  • (Author)
    3) hm...why is it tht bila i nak reply je tableh? the same happened to the previous post... huhu

  • (Author)
    4) sekarang macam boleh plak haha... i remember saying that 'they say' that justice will or whether it'll be satisfactory to us is another thing.

    nightingale: tersuka je? hmm well better than nothing hehe
  • 5) @alam_shah: sorry, we hv problem with commenting system yesterdy. my apologies T_T

  • (Author)
    6) no probs...I hope i didn't exaggerate too much..

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