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Daftar Sekarang!

Last Day


Guy One and Guy Two are best friends. They knew each other since they were in kindergarten. At that moment, they were in the same kindergarten and later, they learn in the same primary school. They also study in the same secondary school and coincidently qualified to further their study in same course in university.

            Guy One is a person who prefers to think negatively and hasty. Guy Two is a rational person and thinks quite wisely. Each normal life problem is a catastrophic disaster to Guy One. For Guy Two, every problem exists to be solved.

            Unlucky for Guy One, he fails to get minimum pointer to be considered as 'pass' by the university in his last examination. He has to repeat that examination and whether he wants or not, he has to extend a year more in his study. Guy Two pass that examination.

            Not long after that, Guy One has a fight with his special girlfriend and they break up. He is very disappointed. He really loves that girl and he were willing to do everything for her but he did not expect things will end like this.

            "Friend, I am very stupid because I fail the last examination while almost all students pass it", Guy One talk to Guy Two. "No, you should not think so", says Guys Two.

            "Then why are my special girlfriend left me? I feel so inferior and ashamed, you know. Its midnight now and I want to sleep, I made a decision to kill myself tomorrow", says Guys One and leaves Guy Two shocked. Guy Two could not sleep that night.

            While Guy One sleeps soundly, Guy Two searches for a pill bottle. Then, he washes the bottle. Next, he peels the label on an insecticide poison container and pastes it on the bottle. He fills the bottle with drinking water.

            The next morning, Guy One wakes up as usual. "My stupid friend, do you still think to commit suicide? I hope you rethink about it", says Guy Two to him. Guy One answers, "My decision is cut and dried".

            Guy Two gives Guy One a bottle, "This bottle contains poison that will make you die after 24 hours you drink it". "Oh my God, you are showing me way to my grave and I never expect that my best friend likes to see me die!" whimpers Guy One.

            Guy One drinks the liquid in the bottle and quite suspicious with its taste but he thinks maybe poison tastes like that, taste of plain water. Guy One lives that day as it is the last day for him. He thanks Guy Two for being a very faithful companion to him since he was a naïve child until the moment that he is going to die.

            Guy One than phones his ex special girlfriend. He tells her how much he loves her even after being dumped. That girl listens to him speechlessly.

            After that, Guy One calls a cab and goes to his parents' home and coincidently, all his siblings are there. He greets everyone with his sweetest smile and chats with them and lends a helping hand and makes everybody pleasured. He suddenly realizes that each of his family members likes him, loves him and accepts him as he is.

            Guy One goes for a walk around the neighborhood. He wants to inhale the fresh air for the last time. According to Guy Two, he will die at 6.00 a.m. the next day so he would not have any other time to do so.

            While Guy One is walking calmly by the sidewalk, he sees a blind old woman is trying to cross the road. He instantaneously holds her hand and helps her crosses the road safely. The old woman thanks him and says, "May you have a long blessed life". Hearing the words 'long blessed life', he suddenly feels perturbed and right away makes a move.

            Guy One comes back to his home at almost midnight and finds out that all of his family members are already asleep; he eventually goes to sleep as he is tired. This is his last sleep. He wishes he will not wake up again, he wants to sleep forever. He still remembers that Guy Two told him that he should die at 6.00 a.m. the next morning but when he rethinks about it, he suddenly hopes that that best friend of his was merely cheating or joking or something like that.

            Guy One wakes up from his sleep the next morning. The very first thing he does is looking at his watch. He is dazed when his watch shows it is 8.00 a.m. because according to Guy Two, he should die two hours ago!

            Guy One thinks about it. When thinking that Guy Two was probably pulling his leg, he feels a kind of relieved. Unfortunately, when thinking that maybe the poison effect is a little bit slow, he is terrified.

            Guy One is totally confused. He has no idea why he is feeling like this and at the same time, he prays in heart that the poison can’t afford to cause his death.

            Feeling edgy, Guy One goes meets Guy Two. “It has been more than 24 hours since I drank the poison you gave me but why I am not dead yet? You gave me the poison that can’t kill me, isn’t it?” he asks Guy Two.

            Guy Two smiles, makes Guy One feels prying. “Your second question…you didn’t really want to die, did you?” Guy Two is guessing what’s in his best friend’s mind.

            Guy One clears his throat, stunned with the guess and at the same time, he is reluctant to admit that he actually didn’t want to die. “Err…” he lost his words.

            Guy Two chuckles and he looks into Guy One’s eyes, he sees Guy One looks blur. “Let me tell you how I made the poison that I gave you. While you sleep soundly at the night you told me you want to commit suicide, I searched for a pill bottle. Then, I washed the bottle. Next, I peeled the label on an insecticide poison container and pasted it on the bottle. I filled the bottle with drinking water” Guy Two says.

            Guy One spontaneously hugs Guy Two. “Oh, my friend, thanks a lot! I didn’t really want to die, I swear I will never do this stupid things again!” cries Guy One.

             Pretty curiously, Guy Two ask Guy One on why he abruptly changes his mind. “I lived yesterday as my last day and I did the best in everything because I wanted my last day to be flawless. I sincerely told my ex-girlfriend how much I love her. I went back to my family house and I suddenly realized that all of my family members love me thus I felt that I can’t afford to leave them forever. I helped a blind old woman and she wished so that I have a long blessed life and all of the sudden I felt some kind of regression as I have drank the ‘poison’ that you give me” Guy One tells.

            Guy Two thinks, ‘people should live everyday as their last day. By that, each single day in their life is consequential.’

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  • 1) the idea is quite interesting; tricking someone to think it's their last day
    but the execution can be improved, such as less paragraphs
    keep writing
  • 2) is this your own writing or taken from other source? seems like i've read it... hmm... if this is yours then good job...

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