Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Stories of the past


When someone is not as lucky as you are, you help him, not mess with him… As we were all sitting there, some with their drinks and some waiting for the food they’ve asked for. A friend who ordered fried rice got his food and the portion on the plate was, ‘enough to feed 3 people’ as he mentioned. We continued talking and sipping on our drinks. It was already late and all I could think of was tomorrow and how I had to wake up early to head out for work. Needless to say thinking of work conjures up ill feelings. I am not sure why, most days things aren’t too strenuous, I suppose I shouldn’t say things like that and risk jinxing myself. Back to the subject, this guy then after finishing his ‘nasi goreng for 3’ obviously drunk of rice said, ‘do you want this?’ he offered the garnishing on the side of the plate to another friend who almost nodded. Needless to say I voiced out my opinion and it wasn’t delicate.


The other day this middle aged couple came over, it was peculiar and just caught us off guard. The man then came up to us and proceeded to ask for money, there was some hesitancy in his voice and body language…normally we wouldn’t think much and spare some for the poor guy. We don’t care about what they’d do with the money, whether they were con artists or whatever…well we would probably feel offended if they used the money for drugs or abusive stuff.  We were seated at the end of the table and our ‘man bag’ was placed on the centre of the table. We are not trying to make excuses. We really did feel bad of what happened.

The man then proceeded to say, ‘makan, makan’ while gesturing with his hand. How can one deny when someone says that? Our friends don’t mind spending hundreds of ringgits to get drunk and the lame drinks they ordered were almost 20 ringgit a cup. We should’ve and would’ve given him some money…but we didn’t want our friends seeing us doing that. Though we are over that, we wouldn’t act the same way again.


Time and time again while conversing with certain friends. We spread this imaginary sheet of problems and we poke through it and examine it, in hope that a miracle would happen and we’d be able to put an end to this issue. For example things like, ‘how to have an eased mind’. We then drift off by talking on how certain view sees/believes in solving it. Though history proved that some actually believe in their methods, and it might’ve worked out for them, but it might not have the same effect to the normal man like you and I. The constant bickering on why one feels the gap, the emptiness, the alone-ness. Where one feels the void, lack of motivation, the objective of life seems pointless so redundant. Only ends up with the familiarity of misery and mystery.

Time and time again while discussing on the cause of unhappiness and the solution for happiness I forget to realize.  It could probably not happen when you’re one with the masses, metaphorically speaking that is.  

Suffering is pretty much inevitable and I have reached a stage where I want to accept that life is more to suffering while the rest are just things u do to avoid that suffering. However being a normal human; this becomes an argument and a scuffle within the self, where one says, ‘I knew something like this would happen' trying to accept what had happened and the other, ‘Shit! Why does this have to happen!’ 

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  • 1) i can relate to story number 3 and is currently trying very hard to learn to accept that when things happen, they happen

  • (Author)
    2) hm...that takes wisdom and all tht comes with it...let me know if it happens...i'll want to learn from you
  • 3) still learning. still trying to digest. still

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