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A Love Letter


Note: This is one of my works that I managed to save, since most of the others are M.I.A. boo hoo... =(

Anyway, this is another sad story, so what? And this one is quite short, so I guess that it won't take much of anyone's time.

Hope y'all will like it!



Dear Love,

            How are you? I hope that you have been well. I am living up my life like no tomorrow, but somehow I wished that you are with me. I have missed you so much.

            In my last letter, I mentioned that I was packing up to leave for a new place. It may be hard for me to get used to a whole new home and I will try hard to manage. I hope that I could make new friends and move on with my life.

            Anyway, while I was unpacking, I found our old Memory Box! It was still in good shape and the lock still works. Of course, the key was where only you and I would know. (It was in a hidden compartment on the bottom of the box, and my cousins spent all day searching for it, remember?) I was happy that I could salvage a whole lot of memories of us during that time. There were pictures, postcards, and even videotapes.

            Do you remember when we first met? You and I were two different people, who were good at nothing but fighting. I still remember how you ran teary-eyed to your mother after I pushed you off my bicycle. The chains broke and it left a scar on your left leg. I know that it might be a bit too late to apologize, but I am really sorry that I did that. I guess I was a hothead even as a child.

            Then I remembered on one Valentine’s Day: you gave me a card with pink glitter and fluffy hearts pasted on it. You said that your sister had made it for you, but I know that you had spent the whole night making it. (Your eyes looked swollen, your hands were literally covered in glue and you fell asleep in class TWICE!) I know that I didn’t say it then, but thank you.

            In high school, I really wanted to hang out with you during recess when you invited me. But I was so scared of the football team: they were so big! I was scared that I might get squashed in between them. You, on the other hand, I felt safe being around you. How many times have you saved me from life’s most embarrassing moments? Too much, I guess. And yet, I still couldn’t make it to your big game. Here I am again, hoping that it’s not too late to congratulate you.

            So, congratulations!

            Hey, I found the prom photos! I just think that it was the most odd prom photo: a picture of me in bed with a bag of ice on my forehead and you were posing in your tuxedo. Did you remember that night? I suddenly came down with a case of flu and fever. I thought that it would be alright to not tell you, but Mom had blabbed everything to you. It took lots of courage for a jock like you to skip prom and to stay by me. And as a joke, Dad took that picture of us as if we were going to the prom together.

            And the thought of me having a date with you made me even feverish.

            I really think that I should ‘fess up. I really appreciate you for all that you did, and all those little things about you that made me like you so much. No, perhaps it is not fondness that I am trying to express. No, it’s love. Really, I love you. I have always been in love with you. Every time that you smile at me, it was as if time itself had stopped. The warmth of your hands, I could still remember them enveloping my cold ones. I remembered everything about all those times I spent with you, and I always will.

            I had never told you this because I was afraid. What if it won’t work out? We might not be friends anymore. The thought of parting with you killed me to this day. I know that I couldn’t tell you face to face, and I might even rip this letter after I finished writing it. I am a coward, and I hate that about myself.

            Now that there was too many a time that I have wasted, I hope that you would know how deeply I am in love with you. Meeting you has changed my life in so many ways. I have become stronger and braver. The biggest regret of my life was that I have not told you this before it is too late. If I told you earlier, you wouldn’t have to leave and…

            Why did you have to go? And why so soon? I know that you would tell me not to blame it on myself, but I felt guilty for everything. You were my best friend, my first Valentine and the only memorable date that I have ever had. You had been there with me through thick and thin. If only I could do something to return the favour…

            My friend, my love, I hope that you could rest in peace. I will take care of all that you left behind. Here in your apartment, I hope that I could write more inspiring books for all my readers. I will always remember you. You were always the first one to read my work, and now I shall continue that. All my books will start from here, and some of which, I would dedicate to you.

            I guess that this is where I should stop. I have a long chapter up ahead, and I plan to walk tall through all of them. I will be brave and strong like my teacher. I will not give up on Hope, in me. And I would definitely not give up on Love, on you. You will always be in my heart, I promise.





P.S.: I'm going to try to write a story with a happy(ier) ending next time! =)

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  • 1) juz like in the movies
  • 2) This is kind of sad. But well, that's life. Obstacles and what not
  • 3) everything is temporary
  • 4) this story reminds me of 98 degrees 'was it something i didn't say'..
    a li'l bit sad..

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