Amidst the concrete jungle, pollutions seem like the only portrayal representing the people inhibiting it. But not one or two are left unhappy but everyone lest are miserable in a constant state of chasing stupidity. Brainwashed, misguided, they ate the bait, it’s a little too late, no no why contemplate? Their lives consist of distress, torments and quick escapes. The string pullers laugh as their manipulation goes better than planned.

The lady in black said an important thing, one that we know but keep on forgetting, everybody come closer now, she signaled to them by opening her arms welcoming them, “listen properly and get this information engraved—for this is life, for this is life and the choices you have.”

She started, “Everyone has choices, who said we humans don’t have choices? Let me give you an example, she addressed the crowd and went on, “let’s just say if something good happens, naturally one would feel happiness engulfing him and he feels so until he starts forgetting or when it’s taken away. Now then a bad thing happens, as you would expect one feels bad and he is then enveloped by sadness and melancholy until he starts forgetting or when it’s taken away.”

She continued, “Here is where the choices lie. Upon happiness arriving—instead of greeting it with sheer happiness; approach it with contentment, gratefulness and cautiousness for it was just a trick, your falling may not hurt as much.”

The lady in black eyed her audience looking at them from right to left and then she said, “Right?” as if trying to get their assertion. They all said ‘right’ curious to hear more.

She continued again, “upon the arrival of everything sad and bad; when it hits you, you fall into sadness but you’re advised to feel content and grateful too as it for one can get worse and there are others who have it worse than you. So stop feeling special” She paused and continued, “You ought to feel against what you’re feeling and that is the choice you have.”

“Second example as depicted by a learned sage” She said, “I have a jug of water held on top of your head, and then I was destined to pour the water on your head and I do so till you’re wet. The only control/ choice you have is on—how will you react. That is the choice you have. She stopped and questioned, “Do you see it? Do you feel tiny now?”

“Though innately your mind were programmed perhaps by your parents or society, however you want to look at it. Will it be safe to assume that one is born, one is born with pureness and innocence and a sincere smile as an outcome out of most things. But then one is also brought into this world to be programmed, re-program, self program etc.”

The people were filled with resentment and unhappiness upon hearing about how tiny and limited the choices they had. They plucked out their heads from their bodies and smashed and hurled it on any hard object they could find. Their heads cracked and splashed as it came in contact with the ground, trees and rocks. They continued doing so until their body started to pant.

After regaining strength and composure their injured head healed itself and they placed their heads where it belonged. They were all weary from what took place hence went back to their home to get some rest.

So weak and powerless, it’s not too late; it is too late, left with things that constantly remind us of flaws, weakness and inconsistency.

The beautiful world with its inhabitants, the trees, the flowers, the fresh air, the kind people who don’t transgress, the beautiful seas, the un-polluted islands, and ongoing source of discovering knowledge, the sky, the ground, the animals and the play grounds.

The husband and wives, the old folks in the nursing homes smiling, their children, the sunlight, the rainbow, the noble sacrifices of a mother and a father, the peace, the love, the activities in the world, the race of mankind heading from one place to another. The world revolving, spinning like a gasing, almost stopping looks like its falling.

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