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Let's get frisky

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Vicki narrowed her eyes to him but Vic just grinned at her.


“Daddy… daddy… come and play,” their eldest boy bounced happily on the wheel, calling for him.


“I’ll be right there,” he said and turned back to give his most innocent smile at her.


“Don’t you dare,” she warned.


“Oh, come on,” he purred.


“Don’t you feel ashamed at our children?” she muttered, pointing to their 11 children.


“They have gotten use with this,” he shrugged and signalled her to follow him to their bed.


“No,” she turned backing him.


“I can smell you want me,” he purred seductively.


“No,” she said stubbornly.






He puffed. Then, he turned around, looking for idea. Then, his eyes twinkled when he saw something.


“For you,” he said romantically, showing her favourite sunflower seed.


She glanced at it and sank her teeth to her lower lip, thinking hard.


He grinned, knowing her heart was melting right now. He purposely waved the seed to her, letting the smell brought by the air to get to her nose.


“I… want… to…” she choked out, trying not to give up but it was getting hard.


“Yes… yes…” he waved faster.


“Bite your butt…” she cried as she grabbed the seed.


“I know you love me, baby,” he quickly ran to their bed before she could sink her teeth to his bottom.




“Hey, what are they doing?”


Qiao En looked at the cage before at her best friend, Xiao Qian.


“They’re getting ‘frisky’,” Qiao En shrugged.


“I thought you wanted to separate them after the last group of children?” Xiao Qian choked out in puzzle.


“I did but… I feel so sad to see them alone so I put them back,” Qiao En explained.


“What did your parents say about this?” Xiao Qian asked.


“If Vicki gives birth again, I have to sell all of their children,” Qiao En said sadly.


“But… it is not good for Vicki to give birth so often, right?” Xiao Qian asked slowly.


“I know. But both of them are so cute together,” Qiao En grinned at her pets.


“Whatever you say. Go find your book quickly. I need to go home before my parents come back,” Xiao Qian reminded.


“Fine… fine…” Qiao En looked at her bookshelf and took out a book. “Found it.”


“Finally. Let’s go.”


Both of the girls then went out, leaving the hamsters in the cage alone.


~The End~

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  • 1) HAHAHAHA dem!
    horny hamster mating season yall
    u got me!
  • 2) aku penin skit bace..mungkin english aku lemah kot. haha..crita pasal hamster rupanya. huhu
  • 3) cute.. aum..
  • 4) lol! at 1st i tot its about cats.

  • (Author)
    5) haha... actually, idea datang dari hamster sendiri. hamster betina saya, Vicki asyik gigit buntut hamster jantan saya, Vic. tup-tup terus dapat anak. tak tau pun vicki mengandung. cuma terkomen, vicki nampak gemuk dan gebu. dalam hati, pandai aku jaga hamster aku sampai gemuk. rupanya dua2 ekor tu rajin buat
  • 6) haha so cute. i also thought this story was about cats

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