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Ali is a man who loves to kill. He got many type of skills to play with knife. He doesn’t drive when he planned to murder someone, but he run to the house of many guns. He used to use hands to strangle but he always prefer to use a rifle. When arrived to the house of victim, he screams to make people melt like cream.

One day, Ali received a call that broke all of his balls. With flames in the eye Ali jump like ultraman wants to fly. He wore his black shoe and started his  move of kung fu. Without any skeptical and girls in his life, Ali  dived into the water of anger. He left all the love story in his bed, he glad to put on ‘nawaitu’ in his head. ‘I want to kill that flur with no mercy, and he is going to feel my way of scary skilly’.

Ali knocked on the door number twenty-four. Three times in a row. Like our prophet used to said, he waited until a man came out and stared. ‘don’t you know how to give ‘salam’ to show some respect in Islam?’

BLAM..!!! the door slammed.

‘Why do I have to knock when I planned to kill this old folk?’ Ali said to his heart. He tried so hard to understand his weird groove and slowly climbed up the roofs. Holding his rifle neatly he walked along the side of a chimney.

‘hey you!!!’ the old man shouted.



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  • (Author)
    1) haha..tah ape aku mngarut tah..test wat rhyme. huhu
  • 2) haha lawak la riji!
    anyway good try loh.
  • 3) bapak dia?

  • (Author)
    4) ck : yaa bapak dia~ haha
  • 5) hahaha!
  • 6) nice. now baru bleh gi tido. sambil senyum.
  • 7) thumbs up bro...last2 tu jugak yg best
  • 8) nice touch dude. mcm kejam tapi tang last tu twist die unik
  • 9) aduh... bapaknya?

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