Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

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its been awhile since i haven't written any of my blog's, well today my finger starting to dance on the keyboard while my heart hurting while depressing the mindset of mine at 3:14 am . Haven't u guys feel neglected, away, casting, far ... so far until none feel the absence of your soul. This is really annoying, felt like been raped by a douche straight up in your anus, bleeding, disoriented and all of sudden lonely.

Most of the human resided just one place and make it domicile, marking their own journey of being successful. But what about the opposite, the human that having a nomad life transferring from one to another place, searching....seeking a proof of being a BEING on this planet that we called it "earth". It is devastating, hampering with load of burden, failure and depleted source of being successful. 

word and action can lie...but feeling are totally sucking the life out it. Drained up all the joy and happiness. Making your life empty from being whole. Regrets...not a conclusion, wanted to stand up and try to soar fairy tales maybe. In real life, most of us avoiding the truth, purging the fact that we are actually being a decomposer... returning to constituents of any type of substances.

i feel decompose, day by day the skins faded and gone, rotting little by little...until the process complete. And by that time, no one ever noticed that you are actually once existed among them.....and the time are actually segregate the bond and the existence of us being once walking together.

zulhadry zolkafli

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  • 1) 1st, is this sumthing u repost from ur blog or ..?
    2nd, i think u cud try re-write it and make in a form of a story with a storyline.
    3rd, it's better if u mind the capital letters n use of shortforms.

    this is my sincere comments and wud love to see more of your writings

    ok, about this post, yup i get u, but dude, life is this,so embrace it, take this once chance and make the best of it. Before we decomposed, in this long rigor mortis of this so called LIFE, we should ..i dunno, for me, just MAKE SHIT HAPPENS! or juz watch for things to happened.

  • (Author)
    2) thx bro...i wrote it past 2 years aho...

    - yup most of the writing are from my blogspot...i just love writing...but i not so good with the prose and all...

    -and yes i need all the comment so i can recreate a better for my next writing...the only writing that i made for kapasitor is..

    bloodlust(the poetry entry)
    the 10wp i think...but mine was buzz
    and the p10pp for the malay writing called gagal... are my latest writing.

    -well...i am trying to strife back wat i hav loss... so its been like 2 years now i down in damn..

    but these moment i think i barely stand up...anyway tq bro. i wish we could knew each other more...perhap the god will..we could someday ^^ thx a lot mosh
  • 3) take this opportunity in kapasitor, to write more and do read other people stuff.

    all the best bro!

  • 4) hadry, you should get to know mosh. we can learn A LOT from him. honestly.

    about the post, i don't know, i have a feeling that i'm actually looking for myself too. pray that i will find me

  • (Author)
    5) yup...thx to u glad i found kapasitor hahahaha ^^ thumbs up
  • 6) hey, maybe this post belongs in the Community section? Try reading other short stories, you'll get what I mean

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