Man in the mirror (yes, very original right?)


This has to be one of my bad pieces. I started off really angry hence was in the mood to write, but after that I wasn’t as much. I felt like I had to finish what I started hence I came up with what I have…

The young men, the holy men all gleaming with light and protruding great vibe, emanating the path with every step they take. Often when I am adhering, performing my obligatory duties, a voice in me says you’re better than thee, so often in my duties I bicker with my voices instead of focusing on my duties.

I am not as religious as I ought to be, what I am now I am open for knowledge and wisdom. For those who are religious and perform and prostrate and follow the sayings vigorously, to them lies a bigger test, a challenge so delicate and difficult, they fail to realize. They fall, oblivious—so subtle it’s ordeal, they fall without notice.

Remarkable! They’re doing as they are told, but behind their souls lay a great king that dominates and sits with esteem. They now are the best of all people, to perform everything ordained to them, they no longer are capable of sin, they paint their faces with purity of light, the only light they emit are lies through their eyes, they no longer are capable of fault. The irony is they’re focusing too much on their good deeds.

Dragging their words in their speeches, their words and sentences prolonged and beseeches, they pause to see whether they radiate the spaces, making unnecessary pauses waiting for loud applauses, a demonstration to the self of self importance and conceitedness. The whispering voices applaud them into forgetfulness. Like a snake shredding its skin, you slowly but completely change your road to enlightenment.

Righteous in good deeds yet he walks the streets with abhorrence, accompanied by a friend called arrogance. The right eye transcends with piety, the left with self-righteous deity.

Stop looking at yourself so greatly, just because you refuse to agree, doesn’t make you a man of glory, can't bear of meeting smarter people, but don’t you see? There will always be someone more enlightened and brilliant than thee. Beyond your holy dresses, all we see is discordance and condescend; your eyes can’t stop from demeaning and belittling, your soul hath lost to the whispering voice of the vices.

There is no use in debating with your kind; you look at yourself praising and boasting, unaware of us appraising your strange gestures.

Looking at the mirror with your hands clutched on your sides, looking bigger, taller and wiser. Lying to the self, a requirement before lying unto others. Wake up and smell the stupidity in your hostility, don’t be caught up in man-made deities.

Easily threatened, fear of being disproven, disliking questions, forgetting that humans are always of ignorance, but we continue to belittle and create distinctions, creating separation between fellow creations.

Little by little the whispering voices turns you into a person into you once were not. Every good deed you do, tells and reminds you superior you are, every extra deed reminds you on how better you are, every good deeds turns you into a good person whereas inside lies a rotten one, for every good deed turns you into a pompous and arrogant creature, wake up you fool, you’re merely lucky, not cool. Stop looking at others like they’re the fool—you fool the mirror said unto me.

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  • 1) Ikhlas memang suatu yang sukar. tapi cubalah. mula2 memang akan rasa macam baguih2 je. lama2 jika istiqamah dan jujur. insyAllah keikhlasan akan muncul. InsyaAllah.
  • 2) ahh that little voices can sometimes mixed with the voice from the devils

  • 3) like spitting at the sky, it always comes down on your face in the end.

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