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For World Peace : An Anecdote


I believe in superstitions. I believe there are gods above the skies; watching us in our daily lives, scattering blessings and curse to our land.

It is said that whenever you turn a cigarette upside down in a pack and smoke it last, you will get a wish granted for you. I believe in that too. It's a routine for me to turn one of the cancer sticks upside down every time I opened up my fresh pack of Marlboro Red. I indulged every single of one of it, and when I reach the last, I'll make a wish in the midst of kissing it.

My wish is simple: For world peace.

It's my 20th year of nicotine indulgence now. Hundreds of packs had entered my lungs. But world peace remains distant from humankind. The only achievement I've got is the doctor's warning. But hope remains. Every day umpteenth of children slaughtered under the wheels of the giant steel behemoth, roaring under the peaceful skies above.

Rattling machine guns of different editions shattered the bird's songs. I can only watch. Every morning as I am sipping my coffee. Humans fight ignorance with ignorance; there is no end.

I looked at my med results one day and discovered that I have two months left. The doctor shook his head. He warned me. He did all he could do to save me. But I don't want to be saved. I don't need to be saved. Not me.

But I remain hopeful. So I told my doctor and my family to let me have my moment. I looked at my last stick and stared up into the sky. At the gods. Or whoever living beyond it. I don't have much time. But I must remain hopeful.

For world peace.

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  • 1) nice.

  • (Author)
    2) thanks! =D
  • 3) rest in peace
  • 4) ok. the "i have two months left" part sort of gave an impact. I don't know...characters dying often leave me with that sudden bitter rush...

    But I do get your message... the world is flooded with cruelty, ignorance and what not...

    sadly... we have yet to witness drastic change for the better...
  • 5) good job..

  • (Author)
    6) shahridz: it's good to know my "impacts" really created something. thanks for letting me know. =D

    syera: thanks! =D
  • 7) it is redundant for me to say anything as shahridz has commented on that.

    i get you. and nice. i always love short stories but hit the bull's eye. congrats on this beautiful piece.

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