Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!



As usual I’ve been wanting to write and update my blog. I am either too tied up or involved in some event or when I have the time to write, I  don’t feel like writing anymore; though I did say to myself that I have plenty to write about a lot of stuff. I jotted them in my memory, an apparent mistake. Now I only vaguely remember some of the stuff I wanted to write about. Well less pressure I suppose.

Work has been awful if it safe to say, if not I take it back. Wait a minute; it could also be that it is me that feels awful for… I don’t know, not being able to discover my true passion or something like that? What if I just don’t like to be confined, enforced or abide to anyone’s demand and rules? A picture of a lazy douchebag appears on your mind? I was actually thinking amongst the line of a wild supreme animal like a lion/tiger/dragon/unicorn that cannot be tamed. The funny thing is all these animals in this modern world has to eat and a family to feed. It hunts by being a powerless slave to the system. Pathetic! Hipsters, here is where you say FML!

Ah! A reminder—I wanted to write about existentialism and how there is no such thing as you are wholly in power of your own destiny. You have very limited choices. For example someone throws shit on you and the choices you have is whether to clean yourself or leave it. Like, what kind of choice is that? I don’t quite remember my other arguments but I am hopeful to write an entry on that or not.

On a different note it shows on how we can actually do things reluctantly, smile and be in that involuntary state till the end of the day and then sulk and try to get lost in a world without anything close to stressful, enforcing activities.  Sometimes you are lucky and even when you are your thoughts just lingers and constantly reminds you of what you dislike most and afraid of. Like an alarm clock only this time the agitating alarm clock is attached to a time bomb.

When I was young I have always enjoyed being alone most of the time and being one with nature. Climbing on trees and sitting on roofs and just looking at life. I don’t know if I thought of stuff like life and all back then; I was too young then. Having said that I am also aware that I can’t live without my friends, well I actually can but I don’t want to is what I am saying. So this paragraph summarizes that I like being alone and also like company and friends. Success.

Right now I am alone in the office with no one telling me that I am late in submitting something or in doing some task. I just am enjoying the quietness and the short period of freedom from people. But a voice in my mind won’t shut up and keeps telling me, ‘you better get this done or get your ass shouted at’ every few seconds. Be gone annoying voice!

I just don’t like people in general. The smart ‘gifted’ ones feel that they have this obligation in shaping the human mind in making the world a better place, so to speak. The rest are like sheep’s following and adhering to rules rather obliviously as if this is how it was/is supposed to be. It saddens me that people are not encouraged or interested in finding their true selves and in the actualization of their intelligence bloom like a fresh flower.

All I see is powerful men who are paranoid and unhappy trying to prevail and maintain their assumed happiness by ruining other people’s freedom and lives. I guess it is safe to say that the devil in us did do a great job. What we have now are idiots and more clueless idiots—like sheep’s aimlessly misguided by bewildered dogs who are controlled by anxious, pompous herders.  

That’s enough of ranting I suppose? I better get my job done before I face the wrath of man and yes do have a good day. 

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