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In the near, almost immediate future.. Man in their inclination towards going against nature ironically, maybe even expectedly ceased to be ‘manlike’. Whether it was a curse, a gift or merely the fated journey of man and his kind. This being called man continues with life into a journey full of expectations and hope albeit without the slightest power and control over his fate and the dream he wishes to grasp.

 You might go so far as thinking of God, you are not wrong but we are here still talking about fate and soul being controlled by other people who scripted and ascribed how certain things should appear like—things that might determine happiness and sadness, success and failure; accordingly these corrupt pioneers then conveniently establish commandments a manifesto of what is right and wrong as depicted by them, these self proclaimed elevated humans. Of course it was inevitable but it doesn’t mean abiding to these pompous, self-righteous man made rules.

 Well it now comes back to individual perception. The individual perception; what a bothersome nuisance some might perceive; Especially when most individuals’ intellectual quality are the same as or probably worse than farm animals.  Sorry about that the introduction went awry due to my inability to hide my affection towards mere mortals.

 Back to the topic we were discussing, let us all try to portray a picture in our mind. Imagine a man leaving for work in his slick executive attire in the morning driving his executive car, he then dwells with people similar to him both physically and mentally in a lavish concrete building, a similitude to success and the stability that paid off after the years they put in to reach such a state. They then adapt pretty well with things like pollutions/traffic jams and the need to party everyday after work as a way of release, of self-fulfillment and escapism and then come back home at the wee hours of the night.

 Knowing that we mentioned about individual perception, some almost instinct-ly would go, ‘Oh what a glorious/successful lifestyle!’ Or some might see it as an occupational hazard where one has to sacrifice himself in order to let’s just say buy more lavish items one doesn’t necessarily needs but for the exception to adhere to one’s superficial desire to act as an encouragement to continue with their current ‘meaningful’ life. Some might also see that as, well as we see it: A façade, a beautiful, astonishing painting lying in the center of a mountain of stinking waste. In other words a pretense that is so deep of a pretense that the individual fail to see his own sense of pretenses.

 On another note, we aren’t merely talking about careers. We here are questioning the whole works, the system, the way of life, the education system, the syllabuses, the self and everything else that perpetuates and makes on realize of the thing we weren’t aware of before.

 Man as computers, as robots. Are man robots? We certainly know that men are able to live life like machines. What is a man’s goal in life? What is the reason of a man put into life in this currently sad not much to say world? What is man? What is life and what is the ideal life for man? We did mention self-perception as you can see again and again. Could that be the answer?

 How is working 5 days a week like a robot—going to work at the dawn of light and coming back when the darkness of night has overwhelmed the whole atmosphere; exhausted and drained from the same unproductive routine and instantly falling off like a heavy sack of nothingness into one’s bed and having 2 days they call weekends for yourself and your family to somewhat keep you functioning and going with the cycle called life?

 Who was the person responsible for the creation of weekends and weekdays? What an evil cycle of manipulating people into keeping them hopeful and moving. These days’ people’s goals are merely to get to weekends and that goes an as a hope or at least as something to look forward to; Like a light at the end of the week (tunnel). The balance of life has never been as critical as it has been today. We have mindless people wandering the earth doing mindless things.

 Who cares if this appears extremely whiny or disobeying or whatever you might have in mind? Well that’s right, you do.

 Why don’t you take away my soul and install a chip in my body and give me no choice instead? Instead we were given a soul and a distasteful and almost a taunting amount of choice.

 The stupidity, the corrupted mind of man and the short sightedness of previous ignorant leaders that has plagued the world are reigning as they have planned or hoped for. The funny part is history has an almost certain tendency in always repeating itself.

 In chasing insignificance that one sees as significant, all light and peace has been thrown out and all we can do is adhere to this stupid dream that turns man into slave for nonsensical, petty goals and most of them involves being able to impress THE dim-witted people that were responsible to uphold sheer stupidity as what they deem as success and greatness. Now we have even imbeciles trying to impress stupid people and fellow farm animals abiding and ending their life in realizing this phenomenon of what we shall come to know as, ‘universal stupidity’.

  All of these prestigious leaders with their programmed minds and penchant towards insignificance play the role in lowering the quality of life and making people sign a treaty of enslavement and trap them into lifeless, mindless beings.

 How is a man to achieve self understanding, when the environment and the expectation of society is manufactured delicately in a way that the only way he is able to find meaning is to jail himself, lock the cage and throw the key away?

 There are idiots like us who are rebellious and unhappy with the state of this almost machine/ computer like life. Then there are the achievers who regardless of their well being continue to strive in order to become someone in society and finds a wife who deems the same and produce more life into this glorified world and again strife to provide their offspring’s with what they depict as the perfect life in their journey towards a happily ever after life. Admirable nonetheless. They would probably say they had no choice, a reasonable argument that even we seem to agree upon. For all you know it was us who said that in the first place.

 Time and time again we come to question, surely man has something more significant to realize? That too comes back to individual perception and now there is no convincing of people; hence the proof of choice. The individuals today are all innately born puppets ready to adhere to mock their souls by restricting it to lifelessness akin to an inanimate object.

 This too is written in the assumption that people are equal but every Tom, Dick and Terry knows that’s not the case. We are different and the world certainly is not the fairest place to live in. Of course that too is an understatement.

 Don’t you worry about us lot, perhaps you might think we share the same goal as you as in trying to impress and get recognized by human beings. Surely you are mistaken, we do not dream to achieve such dreams. To do so would be like trying to gain respect and recognition from a stray animal.

 The mind is a powerful thing it sees things as how it was programmed since the beginning.  It takes a sound, curious, brave, intelligent mind to go against the stride and waves that would probably overwhelm beliefs and faith.

 For we have forgotten, and so we are forgotten, we have not seen the signs, we take many things for granted and are unaware of a lot of things. For who are we to say, we too are the same, on the other hand we are trying to say, we the people should be more than mere people.

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