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900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Righteous 2011!

I've actually been looking for this song for ages! Was first introduced and transfixed to it by the mesmerizing tune from the uber cool 'Gatsby' advertisement. I liked it so much I posted it on my blog(the commercial). It never occurred to me that there was a group behind the song(silly me) hence I was pretty ecstatic when I first saw it, the my surprise was, how do I put it...unique, but the lyrics were pretty cool and somewhat realistic too. I am also starting to think that it is pretty lame and insecure of me for explaining on why I am posting a clip on my own blog.

  Having said that, this is also a gesture, a hint at wishing you guys..well it's no longer a hint since I just said that..and before I confuse myself, here is to a great new year ahead! And you know the usual things that people say, like may all your wishes come true and all that well intended messages that makes you feel psyched! and perhaps even more motivated than you were the previous years.

  Righteous! I always wanted to say especially after hearing a new friend of mine saying that quite often. For example when we reached our destination, she'd go, 'righteous!' so i too after a few seconds, went yea, righteous! haha. She was several years younger than I am. Perhaps it's a new lingo. Why am I talking about this again? 

Anyhoo, I don't know how exactly to put this, but...ohh! let me just tell you about the lamest/coolest new year text msg I received; it said, 'Happy 2011! It is only 12 more months to 2012'. I hope you get the joke or not. 

I was saying, there are changes happening within and around us, here I am trying to be subtle and discreet by making up metaphors and make it appear like I am relating to something philosophical haha. I foresee changes in wanting to embetter myself (if that is considered a word) I have also been meeting with pretty interesting friends but this time, I've been befriending people who are able to teach me and humble me. I find that a great discovery, for myself that is...seeing that I don't find most people interesting, even intellectually stimulating, how pompous and arrogant right? That's what I keep telling myself. 

I am actually very humble, I also contradict myself at times. I am pretty honest too or so I like to think. I should stop talking about myself, a friend of mine told me, 'why does it always have to be you?' and every time I said something, he would repeat the same thing. Maybe to annoy me, but still....well now that I think about it, I should've asked him to answer for me, seeing that he asked me that question in the first place and seeing that my answer wasn't sufficient enough to his ears and one would assume that one would know the answer to his question right? Why am I talking about this again? 

In reference to one of the paragraphs above, I would also like to add that I am moving to places and even going places. This could very well be a wish. It also can mean, I am seeing new faces in new places? 

My dislike towards people have not phased. I come to the realization that my negative aspects on things are consistent and continuous, of course they could both mean the same thing. I guess I am trying to say that, it would be nice to have the same outlook on other things, but noo I tend to get bored of most things especially people. It does appear that the more I talk/write the more arrogant and self centered I am or so you might think. Don't be fooled, I am actually very humble and pleasing to the eyes. 

I should stop talking. Happy new year. Please be more selfless and caring towards others. Always put yourself in someone else's shoes and reflect. Stop littering and go green! Read more and stop being so stupid, please. By the way, what is with lame ass people copying and pasting quotes from people to appear more profound therefore smart? There is so much anger in people huh? Don't worry I talk to myself most of time. In this case, write to myself. Enjoy your deluded lives filled with short/silly escapisms that makes you seem you're happy. Something is wrong with me?!! 

I guess I should be more righteous. Though as of for now, I don't even know what the word 'righteous' means. I do have some new, new years resolution...yes I did say I should stop talking; I won't bore you with lame ass resolutions. Who cares anyway? Oh and for those who still read my blog, I'd like to thank you(that actually means that I am thanking myself) haha. Yea, you shut up! 

I've been wanting to say something nice so that I can finish up with this entry, tough luck! I guess I am trying to say, be happy, whatever your definition and no matter how fake and deluding it is. That's not nice. 

Finally it's been sometime since I had a good ice cream, any ice cream for that matter. I hope to get some and I hope you would get some too...for me. 

Thank you *smiles* :)



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  • 1) heyya..happy new year to u 2 beb.

    (p/s : i'm eating ice-cream now, wanna have some...hahaha)
  • 2) new places != (new faces*new experience) / new scandals

  • (Author)
    3) Alya: Thanks! and ooo what a tease! haha...sure, i won't say no

    Jojo: ermm what i actually meant by that was, i got a new job...not as lucky to get into scandals haha

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