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Daftar Sekarang!

I Wonder Whats In The Box


   I’m all alone at home. My parents left me to visit my paternal grandma at Singapore. I didn’t go with them because I don’t really like my grandma. She’s a psycho. She always touches my hair and says how pretty it is. That’s fine, but not when she said she would pull them out and stick them on her head.

    And I so can’t believe my parents left me while my birthday is just around the corner. Two more days ‘till my birthday. I rest, solitude, on the sofa, watching my favourite movie. The hero in the movie and his companions are fighting for the princess. I’m fantasizing myself as the puny princess, waiting to be rescued.

    I'm sipping my green tea when all of a sudden my door bell rings. I walk, lazily, to the front door and open it. Nobody’s out there, are you kidding me? I’m already in a bad mood now and those stupid kids ringing at other people’s door bell for nothing frustrates me more.

    I’m about to slam the door, but something stops me. I look down. A beautiful box with a note on it is lying before the threshold. I’m astonished. Using all my strength, I lift the box up and pull it into the house. The box has captured my eyes. I wonder what’s in there. I pick up the note and read, "Do Not Open This Box 'Till Your Birthday." That note makes me curious.

    The hand-writing on the note tells me that the box is from my grandma. She is not a psycho afterall, because, come on, she remembers my birthday! To show my gratitude, I lift the box upstairs into my room, put it at the corner and leave it until my birthday.

    Feeling weary, I throw myself onto my bed and sleep, without brushing my teeth. Not long after, I dream. It's a very weird dream. My mom is in it, her back facing me. She's pulling her hair one by one out of its place, counting. One...two...three...four...KNOCK!

    I get up, not sure if I'm still dreaming. A knocking sound wakes me up. An unpleasant odour pierces my nose and cut straight to my throat. I want to check what's going on, but my head is so heavy that I have to lay it down and continue to sleep.   

   Sunlight pouring into the window, I get up and brush my teeth. I make breakfast for my own. Dying of boredom, I get out of the house to have fun for my birthday's tomorrow. I buy myself a good book and a cheap chocolate cake. Since my parents are not here, I'll celebrate my birthday myself.      

    I turn on the radio, dancing to the songs I like and hate. Dancing so hard, I forget about the box in my room, lying there alone, solitude, like me. I know it's pathetic to celebrate birthdays by dancing alone, but I've got no choice. I have to entertain myself.

    I go to bed after I took a shower. Exhausted, I fall asleep within minutes. Even though I am asleep, I can feel the ghastly wind on my skin. Again, I have another weird dream tonight. This time, I see my dad. He's pulling out his hair, one by one, counting. One...two...three...KNOCK!

    I'm awoken by another hard knock. I look around. The foul odour comes back, it stings my nose. I want to get up and check where the smell comes from, but my waist hurts, my eyes are heavy. I get back to sleep

   Today's my birthday! I hop down from my bed, crawl quickly towards the box. The box is locked by a rusted padlock. Shit. How can I open this thing? I don't have the key to the padlock. I wonder what's in the box.

    I pull the padlock as hard as I can and...CLACK! Oh my God, I broke the padlock! The box looks shiny, even though it's not. I count to three. One...two...three. I open the box slowly, slowly, slowly. It makes a rusty noise. I look into the box. Unpleasant odour flies out like bats.

    I scream out like I see a ghost, or something worse. The contents are my parents' heads, bald.

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  • 1) that's sick! (which means you did a great job in that thriller fiction of yours)

    simple but what an ending! keep it up!
  • 2) wohoo! didnt see it coming!
    psycho paternal granny!

  • (Author)
    3) shahridz: thanks. I'm trying to write urban legends and this is my first work hope it sounds like an urban legend.

    cahatomic: hahaha a sweet but psycho granny
  • 4) err..say, if we decide to celebrate our birthday once on every two years..mesti rotten gila kan apa yang ada dalam kotak tu?

    hahah eeerrieeeeee dan banyak perisa angker pada penghujung cerita.

  • (Author)
    5) hahaha thx
  • 6) better one from ur last entry.

    very sick. in a good way. totally. good job

  • (Author)
    7) thx mosh my last entry is a total mistake and thx for your advice too!
  • 8) this is actually very scary. and i love it. totally. didn't start off as a scary story but man! the ending shocked me.

    in a good way of course.

  • (Author)
    9) uculer: thank you very much
  • 10) 'she would pull them out and stick them on her head'
    eww, that's really creepy =.=''

    anyway, great story! keep it up!

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