I don't know


I don’t know. Basic knowledge, profound insights, I don’t know. The development of the mind and body as it ages, makes it compulsory to instill understanding, contentment and tolerance as main components, but I don’t know, they come and they’d go, they’re never undeviating, they come and go as they feel please, most of the time I face the risk in wavering and when I do, I am susceptible to despicable things.

 One then sees the similarity resembling an adolescent kid. Old habits die slow, they almost seem part of the soul; so irritating and frustrating I seem to succumb to these destructive cravings, to have end up doing distracting deeds. Hovering and wavering is displeasing not what I have aspiring.

 The self in learning and progressing seem like he’s starting to walk unswervingly and that really seems like achieving. I don’t know but I am me, can I change myself suddenly? What then if the supply of information and knowledge stops providing? Then lost is the fuel that keeps him moving.

  One should only think that he should be a happy being? I don’t know, a man’s desire seems never ending, closeness and reverie to God would put blessings and happiness in a man’s heart, but I don’t know, I am still a selfish being.

 The waywardness and the idiocy of the people, I try not to affect me, for who I am to judge thee? For what do I accomplish from looking at stupidity? We all look at things differently, what you see as success I see as a shallow and ignominy; what I see as success you see as lame and your view of idiocy.

 We are rowing our boats without a proper destination in mind, still we keep on rowing in what we think we are relying; upon reaching destination most people then look for a replacement, the one before failed to result into enlightening.

  But how can the people not affect me? I am with them living ‘harmoniously’ doing most things that seems so benignly, I don’t know, surely, only an idiot looks at idiocy, though the world is in abundance filled with it.

 I don’t think I am as angry as I used to be, I don’t know. This is the ‘age’ of acceptance and then striving and of contentment and progressing, everyone their own version and depiction of what lies ahead and I am with mine.

 For when I start seeing wisdom instead of stupidity only perhaps then, tranquility. The fact remains that there are too many things that I don’t know.







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