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Francis and Elizabeth


Francis is a young man who lived the fame and rich life. His father is Mayor of the town named Mr. Lorch, he had all the things he want. One day he realise he never had love, he ask his father to buy him love. His father just laugh at him and said, "Love is something you should gain by yourself, son. If you had a feeling on someone that mean you've found love". Francis heard his father and he quickly run outside and find his love. While he's walking at the market, a girl suddenly fell on him.

Girl : I'm sorry. Are you okay?
Francis : No, it's okay. I'm fine.
Girl : I'm Elizabeth by the way. What's your name?
The girl ask politely with a beautiful smile.
Francis : Er-er.. I'm Francis. You're so beautiful.
Francis turn speechless to see a beautiful girl upon him.
Elizabeth : Thank you. I never met a man so honest like you.
Francis : Oh, I'm actually didn't mean to say it out but I just can't hold it inside. 
Elizabeth : What a good looking guy doing here in the market? 
Francis : I'm actually looking for love. I had everything I had but love.
Elizabeth : But you're rich, girls would chase you for that.
Francis : That's what I hate. I want a true love, where it can make me can't sleep at night, make me lose my appetite. I want to feel that, the love.
Elizabeth : Have you found one?
Francis : Not yet, I was hoping to. I just don't know how to find it.
Elizabeth : You don't have to worry about that Francis. It will appear when the time has come. We couldn't force love. It's a natural feelings in everyone.
Francis : Your words mark your beauty Elizabeth.
Elizabeth : I'm just a poor girl in town. I have nothing, I'm not beautiful.
Francis : You are Elizabeth. I think I have that love feelings now. I love you Elizabeth.
Elizabeth : No Francis, you can't love me. Your family would have hate me.
Elizabeth run away...
Francis : Elizabeth!
Francis stun and sit for a while thinking of Elizabeth. He's crying but he won't give up. Tomorrow he wants to find Elizabeth no matter how long it takes. The day has finally arrive, Francis getting ready to find Elizabeth. He went to the market where he first met her. He search all over for her, no matter how many places he go Elizabeth still remain gone. Francis almost gave up on that day as the sun is set. Suddenly, he saw a girl running through the alley. He knows that girl is Elizabeth, he chase her and it's Elizabeth.
Elizabeth : Francis, please stop looking for me. We're from the different world. You're a rich kid and I'm just nothing in this world.
Francis : No Elizabeth. I know I had everything but I still didn't have you. I want you Elizabeth. I want you by my side. I kept thinking about you last night. I can't sleep well. You make me lose my appetite. You're the one I'm waiting all these long. Please accept me.
Elizabeth : Francis, I love you but what if your parents hate me?
Francis : Let's meet my parents to know the answer.
Elizabeth : Are you sure it's okay?
Francis : Yes.
They went to Francis house, Elizabeth was shocked to finally see a mansion so big upon her. She stood still and quite so sudden.
Francis : Are you okay, Elizabeth?
Elizabeth : I'm okay. I'm just afraid to know the answer.
Francis : No worry my dear. Everything will be okay.
While they were approaching the doorstep. The door open slowly with a welcome greet from his servant.
Mr. Lorch : Welcome son, what have you brought here?
Francis : Dad, this is Elizabeth the girl I was talking before. She's the one, she's my love.
Elizabeth : Hi Mr. Lorch. Pleasure to meet you.
Mr. Lorch : Pleasure, I'm so happy to know that my son so happy to meet you. You must be a wonderful girl
Elizabeth : I'm just a simple girl in town. I'm just helping my mom at the market.
Mr. Lorch : In a matter of love, wealth is nothing. All it need is heart. You make my son's heart explode. That is love.
Francis : Come on, dad. Enough of that.
Mr. Lorch : Why don't you both go for a walk and spend the day together. It would be better son.
Francis : I was thinking of that but I want to know your answer if you really accept Elizabeth.
Mr. Lorch : I accept her no matter how she is. Your love is your decision. I can't change it. Now go have some fun.
Francis : Okay, dad.
Elizabeth : Yes, sir.
They spend the whole day together. Smiling and laughing. They've been together for 2 years then. One day, Francis met her and kneel down.
Francis : Elizabeth, will you marry me?

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  • 1) First,welcome din to EN section.

    i have to say this the story is kinda cliche but the most important thing is that it's a start. It will be better if in future, your story could include elements like drama, suspense,thriller etc. Practice makes us better. sO keep on writing ok.

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