The Prince and the Curse

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once upon a time
there was a prince
a bunch of them really
malam malam ronda ronda the village on their horses
testing out sword skills among themselves
everything that a normal prince does

one day,
one by one
the princes found themselves a princess
our prince was left alone
he cursed what everyone called love on numerous occasions
called a waste of time

of he went with his horsie, cape and sword
cursing love

but it was on that night
that night he lay on the grass swallowing water from rain
that night his cape felt heavy
that night his sword didnt shine
that cursed him

love cursed him a curse so tragic yet so beautifull
a curse to fall in love with the person who could break his heart

the next morning
a girl knocked him on his head
asked why he was sleeping in the rain

he replied
"i dont bloody know why"
she smacked his head upside down

"what the heck did you do that for!?" asked the bruised prince
"you're being rude" replied the angel faced girl
"your a mess, and you look out of place, with that sword and ridicoulous cape, like a fish on land (*wink, didja get the pun?) come with me, and i'll clean you up"
and with a grunt our dishelved and bruised prince ripped of his cape and dragged his sword and lumbered behind the girl who seemingly skipped on air
"whats your name by the way?"
not wanting to reveal that he abandoned his kingdom "mell"
"whatever, hurry up melly!"
"and what is your name if i may inquire?"
"a heroin never reveals her name to a dame she just rescues" she smiled
our prince, couldn't help but smile and followed

after a bath and a meal or roti with kaya and butter cicah milo, he returned the favour by doing chores
he was hard at work, chopping wood, tending to the horsies and such other tasks very new to our prince who ussually wasted his time with his sword, hayun sana, hayun sini

later in the night, he crept out from his bed, laid out a blanket underneath the stars and laid there satring upwards, longer cursing love
she crept up quietly....then knocked him one the head
"what was that for!?"
"what are you doing out here? dont you like sleeping on a bed?"
"i appreciate the offer, i do, but i'd rather sleep with the stars as my blanket"

she looked at him eyes boring deep into the cores of his intimidated soul
and lay next to him
"well, i'll join you then, surely theres enough of the sky for both of us?"
this cought him by surprise, he half suspected her to knock him unconscious and drag him back
"i suppose..."

and with that they lay there, out in the open fields
with the stars as their balnket
laid there skin not touching each other
except for the wind ruffling their hairs together

that night...the curse love laid upon him began its threads
weaving deep
that night
the beautifull tragedy we call love began

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  • 1) balnket should read as blanket
  • 2) this is bloody lovely. princesses always go for a knight. fyi
  • 3) can hold down when love comes to town good story!

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