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The Man Who Destroyed the World


“Tell me, what do you see in front of you? Do you like what do you see? Are you proud of the world you are in?” this was what the Angel of Death had asked to the man whom had destroyed the world and this was his answer.


Before you came visiting my friend, the world I saw was vile and corrupt. Nothing was right. Even those, whom were thought to be of pure heart, were nothing but a lie. The world was filled with people living in hypocrisy and deceit. They want and expect change so that their own life may be better than the already luxurious life that they already have. They say they want change and yet only a small handful of people put up a small effort in actually trying to make a point. Those people I applaud for at least they tried.


Understand why I call the people of the world hypocrites Mr.Reaper. For so long people have wanted change and improvements and when a small of group actually make a stand for changes to happen, the masses simply shun them. They look down on them, criticise them, and brand them with names. For so long have they waited for a calling and when it finally comes, they destroy it. Truly the people of the world are hypocritical and insane, and they say I’m mad. I think those whom were place in an asylum are the sane ones and probably the most content of people for at least they are true to themselves.


“You hated the world so much and so you took action with your own two hands. You opened Pandora’s Box and unleashed chaos into the world. You killed everyone.” Said the Angel of Death as he points his left index finger towards the man awaiting judgment. The man looks back at the angel whom stands eight feet tall with its wings gloriously stretched. Even though the man could not see the angel’s face as it had been covered by a black cloak, he returns the angel with a smile that was pure, a smile that showed his true happiness. He then replies back to the angel.

. . .


You make it sound as though I unleashed disease, death and suffering to the world. I am not a warmonger nor am I a drug trader. I am not a dictator or man with a gun. I am but a simple man with a set of talents. All I did which you have overly exaggerated was create a super computer virus that hacks into every supercomputer in the world. From there I took control of the world’s superpowers and used their secrets against them. I am a simple man. Therefore I did not require any demands. With that I acted fast and took control of every weapon of mass destruction and played with them. Once I had the missiles of the world, the next step was obviously to drop them. I could not be stop for I gave them no time to act.


You said I opened Pandora’s Box but really, the box had been opened long before I was born. All I did was opened people’s eyes to the reality that they live in. I made them realize how they were sleeping on a landmine of diseases and mass murders that plagues the air.


People self-proclaim they are free to make their own choices and yet they don’t even realize how they’ve been enslaved by their own minds. Major corporations of the world use mass media and advertisements to put ideas into our heads that cause us to be puppets for their own pleasure. They give us attractive offerings but behind they’re fake smile lies a motive to dominate over us all. We buy and keep buying their half-assed products and continuously let them grow into a monster we can no longer contain. The more they grow, the more we become weak. How are we free when we let them control us?


These people just blindly obey and follow whatever that has been shown to them through news and other mass media. They believe everything they see or hear is true. Have they ever thought that maybe the news they hear has been altered for a greater scheme? What is real and what is true is something we need to think for ourselves. Very often the truth has been buried over tons of lies. The innocent suffer for the wicked. Damn them all.


I grew sick and tired of this world. Sure killing everyone with a complex computer virus wasn’t a nice way of settling the world’s problems but you see I’m tired waiting. So I thought of using man’s inventions along with my creativity to end it all. The world now, is in ruin and turned to dust.


You asked me what I see in front of me. Now I shall answer you. What I see, is peace. Nothing is left to harm anything. I have created a second Mars.


. . .


The emotionless angel looks down on the human whom was placed in shackles and spoke, “You who have destroyed my master’s world and all that he has created have destroyed your own self in the process. Now you shall be judged.”






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  • 1) err wait. did the angel of them really judge people or was that just a sign that he will be brought to hell? i'm not really good with this kind of things

  • (Author)
    2) uculer: lol you have an interesting point of view. you can think that the angel of death was the one that passes on judgment or perhaps the angel is merely a reaper of souls. in the end, it is you that decide what you wish to think....right
  • 3) haha standard and very safe answer. i'm not interested in what i think but i want to know what you think of the angle

  • (Author)
    4) haha you catch on quickly. in my opinion, the angel of death is a being that will deliver you to place of judgement. a being that harvest souls. the rest of what i think, well hehe ....its too private to tell
  • 5) i'm not exactly 15, dear . actually, that was what my exact thoughts were.

    the rest of it...yes, we will keep it to ourselves.

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