Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

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Weird Night - Chapter 2


 Chapter 2 - Save Me You Fool !

The time is 8 p.m. and both Chin and Den are surrounded by a horde of overgrowth nostril hair whitened eyed drooling townsfolk of Petaling Jaya Section 2.

“What do we do, what do we do! I don’t think they all want us over for supper?” said Den.

“You just figure that out now!” said Chin.

At the corner of Den’s eye, he sees a back alley between two rows of houses. “Chin, this way. We’re making a break for it.”

The duo ran like little kids being chased by an angry dog. Thankfully for them, the mindless nostril zombies move as slow as a tortoise. Chin and Den kept running until they eventually reached BSL supermarket in Old Town, also known as PJ section 1. As the two stop at the super mart, they take a breather as they watched their surroundings.

“Oh what brings the two of you here little grasshoppers?”

Den looks at the direction from where he heard that familiar voice. From the shadows, a frail old man with a walking stick steps into the light of the super mart’s front door. Den was happy to see that not everyone has become a freak of the night.

“Old man Shaully. You’re alright.”

“Not Shaully, its Shawn. Isn’t it a bit late for a jog?”

Chin finally catches his breathe and explains. “We’re being chased by a group of nostril haired freaks Old man Prawn.”

“Not Prawn, its Shawn you stupid kid. Nostril haired freaks you say, you mean the townsfolk being turned into mindless overgrowth nostril hair whitened eyed drooling zombies?”

“Yeah, how’d you know?”

“Oh cause they’re inside BSL as well.”

“You could have told us that from the beginning!” said Chin and Den.

“Quiet grasshoppers; don’t worry for I have an alternative to the pile of crap you’re in.”

“Should we really be taking advices from a guy who sits in front of BSL and is assumed to be crazy?” whispered Chin.

“Not crazy, it’s Prawn. Crap I meant Shawn.”

“Relax Chin, he’s just misunderstood. So old man, what’s your plan?”

“First you must cross the Road of Destitute and make your way to the point of no return. There you shall wait for the chariot of heaven that will take you to the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Both Chin and Den remain silent for an entire minute until Chin broke the silence. “The man is crazy; a complete lunatic. What kind of advice is that?”

“Thanks old man, we’ll be going now.” said Den.

“You understood that! You actually understood that!” said Chin.

“Sure I understand, you mean you didn’t get it?”

“Who’d understand that? No normal person would.”

“He’s basically asking us to take the bus to Midvalley.”

“I won’t even bother asking how you deduce that. Well let’s go then.”

As soon as the two were about to leave, creeping behind the old man were a group of those nostril zombies. Den tried to warn the old man but in a blink of an eye, those zombies were suddenly sent flying back by the old man. The old man had used his walking stick as club to hammer away three of the zombies away the kicked the remaining few.

“Know you’re place scum. You are a hundred years too young to face me.” said a serious and fearless old man.

“See yeah old man. Don’t lose out.” said Den as he runs of.

“Hehe, it’ll take more than that to bring down a judo master. So who’s next?” Chin and Den ran as they left the old man to fend off an entire horde of zombies from BSL and the ones from section 2 as well. Chin and Den kept running until they could see the bus stop and with great luck, a metro bus was drawing closer to the bus stop. Unfortunately for them, surrounding the bus stop was a large group of those mindless freaks.

“Den, we might have to rush and push some of them away to get inside the bus.”

“Ok, I’ll be right behind you.” The bus arrives and opens its doors. Chin jumps in first but Den’s foot was suddenly caught by one of the zombies. He is trapped.

“Shit! Let go of me! Chin I think this is it. Save yourself.” Said a desperate Den.

“Ok, nice knowing man, bye.”

“What! You’re not supposed to agree with me. You should be saying I won’t let you die or something. Save me you fool!” just as Chin was about to extend his hand to Den, a man behind him aimed his pallet gun at the zombie grabbing Den’s leg and fired. The zombie released Den. Den was quickly pulled in as the bus sped off.

“Who are you?” asked Chin.

“Andriew, Zet Andriew.”


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