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SITUATION 1 – during my matriculation college orientation week.

The Correct Phrase = “She Sells Sea Shells Over The Sea Shore” 

Team Member 1: okay! okay! I got this. This should be an easy one!!! What was the phrase again ? Oh yes.
Team Member 2: WHAT???? I can’t possibly remember this. I’m not the goddess of English language OK!! Oh whatever, just pass it.
Team Member 3: Just this??I expected much harder than this. This team will win this!!!
Me: This can’t be right! I know this phrase. Everybody knows this phrase. Let’s pass the right one. But wait, what if they purposely changed it just for this game? Ok, just go with it.
Team Member 5: OH MY…this is hard!!! We’re so gonna lose. Oh no, time’s running out. Okay, relax. Don’t panic. Remember the phrase. Memorize the phrase. 

Our Answer = “She Shalls She Shawls On The Sea Shells”  

SITUATION 2 – during a co-curiculum class in campus

The Correct Phrase = “Adam Dan Ali Pergi Ke Pasar Naik Kereta Chevy Lalu Membeli Udang, Tepung, Telur, Ikan dan Kangkung”   

Me: Panjangnya!!! Relax, clear your mind. You can do this. You can pass this phrase. You have already memorize this perfectly. Ok, time to pass it up.
Team Member 2: We can win this! We can win this! I remember all the words!
Team Member 3: Alamak!! susahnya. Ok, fikir positif. Clear your mind. Just remember what you can.
Team Member 4: Oh what the hell. Nobody will ever get it right anyway. Why bother to memorize so hard???
Team Member 5: Alah senang je ni. Tak boleh bagi panjang lagi?

Our Answer = “Adam Dan Hawa Pergi Ke Pasar Dengan Kereta Charade Membawa Udang, Roti, Ikan Sardin dan Kangkung”   

The best part of this game, you get to hear the hilarious versions of the given phrases made by the players.
The worst part, no matter how many times you play, nobody will EVER get the right phrase at the end!!!

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  • 1) sebab, kalau sampai kat saya, saya akan ubah seratus peratus perkataan asal.
  • 2) Haha. Mcm itulah juga kalau menyampaikan cerita.

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