Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!



This message below was originally meant to be sent to my high school friends. It was meant to boost/spark interests/ create involvement in coming up with some sort of getting-togetherness punya event. However seeing that I managed to dramatize, get off topic and exaggerate a little too much, even to my liking. It doesn’t seem nearly as appropriate nor suited to be addressed to specific people. It also got somewhat personal and bromanticized in such a manner that might conjure up uneasiness and suspicions haha.   

Greetings victims of the system! :D

I woke up today whereby I dreamt of my younger days, you know back when I was still in school. As I was dreaming….I realized that my somewhat aged brain could not extract (think winzip) those memories. After all these years, I am starting to question if I really did attended school? All that I am able to conjure up were just a few depictions of faint images that would not last more than a few seconds.  However if you’re a person who believes in not dwelling into the past then I assume you are not at lost here.

Now that we are reaching 30 (I hate saying…I even hate thinking about it) I realized, in our zest/frenzy in wanting to lead a normal/successful life according to our ‘bimbo-like’ society’s expectation; we have forgotten, (well in this context) the early years of our life where we had to go to the same place, meet the same people, probably do the same things, worry about girls etc. Okay, this isn’t the affect I wanted to ‘re-kindle’. This just reminds me of work, where I am at currently, disgruntled but at the same time grateful for not being homeless and spat at. Also do appreciate on the fact that I probably have to add an extra hour at w_r_ as to exchange for the amount of time I spent writing about things of the past I can faintly recall.

Hmm..I’ll try again, pay attention class! Remember when we all had to go to the same place, meet the same people, probably do the same things and even have the same fantasy with different individuals; Minus the obligations, stress, stressors and the multitudes of never ending negativity (okay, maybe I am just speaking for myself). Of course school wasn’t ‘all that’ nor close to perfect, especially if you had a ruptured childhood. Okay, I keep on forgetting that this is not about me! :D. Sticking to the topic like glue, though we were a lot more dumber and simple minded, the air, the young innocent fresh faces, the uniform, the batch, the bloody blue thing u had to stick on your collar, the teachers (though some not very exemplary. Yes, I have issues)

I guess I am trying to say that these things are (fortunately maybe even unfortunately) are the things that made us who we are today. School was probably where our minds were molded, shaped and produced like when a car comes out from a factory to serve its owner. That’s probably not a very good example…for you might have already noticed how I am insinuating and pointing out where we are similar to animals or God forbid maybe akin to inanimate objects, which is wrong but you can probably see the similitude perhaps?  

On another note, one may choose to completely let go/forgo their high school memories and experience he/she went through; I certainly won’t mind forgetting some stuff. ß Pointless paragraph.

Finally, I come to this, the once sloppy kids I met at school, most of them I have no idea how we met. Okay, I shouldn’t have said finally, here I am getting off topic again; making friends in high school were easy you just go up to them not having to worry about anything. I don’t know if it is the same with other people or with kids today. Making friends were not a problem to me. Though being dumb I picked fights instead and lost the opportunity to get to know some interesting people (girls).

Finally, finally till today most of my closest friends are friends I went to school with, though one always faces the risk of losing a friend, true friends are always able to find each other and maintain that bond. Despite the modern world having the tendency to turn humans into inanimate objects one always feels human and alive being with friends who knew them all their lives.

The best thing about having people who understands you is even when you behave like a complete moron and spout out really stupid stuff, they simply tolerate your nonsense and brush it off. If you couldn’t relate to what I wrote then maybe I am just lucky. I have many friends but only one or two that will stand by me even if I were penniless, jobless among other things. For that I am grateful and I hope the light of true friendship will constantly shine till the end of time and beyond.

Enclosing, I end with a proverb by Saidina Ali: 'A friend cannot be considered a friend until he is tested in 3 occasions: in time of need, behind your back and after your death.'



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  • 1) ha ha. tulisan yang dikembangkan daripada kumpulan sasaran.
    hadith last tu agak menarik. tak pernah dengar lagi sebelum ni.

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