Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

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It was three in the morning, and all he needed is a cup of green tea.

To live with his brother was a heavy challenge, especially when both are completely occupied with their own jobs - and that his brother\'s fiance had already begun to stay over during the weekends. His brother\'s fiance, Lilian, is a lovely, petite girl whom enjoy doing housework around the house and read law books during her pastime. Lilian\'s stay at his house was rather fruitful either, since both the boys did not seem to put too much effort in keeping the house spotless.

That reminded him of his overdue laundry.

He climbed down from bed after tossing and turning, curling up in his lavender-coloured bed sheet. He wasn\'t sure whether the hot summer weather had rendered him sleepless, or was it something else that he was unsure off. Shirtless and dressed in only his favourite colourfully-checkered boxer shorts, he climbed down the stairs and found himself a seat in the clean, minimalist kitchen of theirs. Too lazy for the water-boiling and the search for green tea leaves or green tea bags wherever Lilian or his brother decided to keep them.

He settled with whatever he could find in the fridge, instead. There was only a carton of milk, Dutch Lady full cream, and he decided he was satisfied enough. He used to have a serving of milk before he went to sleep, but lately, he was too exhausted to even drink anything after work and jump straight into shower before preparing himself for bed. Life is a little tiring and he grumbled at the sight of other people and their new clothes, and their companion, as he drove past these strangers every morning to work and every night form work.

When can he have that life?

He sighed, sipping the very first sip of cold milk. Being alone in the kitchen definitely has its pros. For once in his life he felt calm, though the still air acknowledged his loneliness by injecting silence and only silence. There was a certain wish within himself when he turned to an empty chair beside him.Wouldn\'t it be nice if someone sits on that very chair and listen to my daily rants and feed me with something wild to get my brain moving?

He sighed again.

He missed the presence of a companion, not a colleague to talk about work with, nor a fellow workmate to tease of random women\'s assets like two high school jocks. He felt the need to really have someone to share a favourite drink with, read comedy comics with, and someone who can run fingers into his hair - he can actually drift away in deep peaceful sleep by that. It has been truly forever since he was told he looked nice, or that he was called one\'s hero.

Or maybe just someone who could tell him he looks beautiful, like a girl, and either piss him off or tease him shy. All the jumbled feelings.

Before he climbed into bed again that night, he grabbed his phone and looked up at his contacts to find a very familiar name. He typed in a message, supposedly a romantic one, and pressed send. He smiled when he slept afterwards. There was that butterfly feeling again.

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  • 1) Nice.
    Good job!

    I almost have the same butterflies in my stomach. Haha.

  • (Author)
    2) @EmmaAmir, thanks (: haha

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