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Winter Love Story

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“Give me your hand” you said. I blinked my eyes really fast and before I could reply, you took my hands and intertwined with yours. I was too surprised, “What are you doing?” I even think I was gaping when I asked him. “To keep you warm, what else. You do realize your hands are shaking terribly right?” and he smiled. “Wh-What..I don’t think I’m shaking” and looked at my hands that were seriously shaking. Embarrassed by the betrayal of my hands, I quickly walked faster and shouted “Come on, we’re going to be late” And I could hear him chuckled.

We were in a cafe, him drinking his coffee, while I drank my tea. The atmosphere was quiet and comforting, as we sat and talked about everything. The jazzy music filled our ears and it was relaxing. As if the world was ours, there was nothing to worry about. Then, his phone rang and excused himself. I couldn’t help but to look outside of the window. It was snowing heavily. I’ve dreamed of this once, that I would be spending time with a guy I love on a snowy day just like this. Which I did but it was one-sided. A guy like him can never be mine. “What are you thinking about?” he said interrupting my thoughts. I smiled and said, “Nothing, just remembered a dream I had”. While sipping his coffee, he asked “What was the dream about? If you don’t mind telling, which you would but I would insist you to tell me anyways, so save your breath and tell me already.” and I smiled, there’s no way he is going to let this go. “I had a dream that on a day like this I would be spending time with the man of my life, the man I love with my whole heart. I know it’s silly but the dream was such a bliss you know. I wanna feel the love and warmth by that man. Like he was mine and I was his. But I know it’s not going to happen any time soon.” I looked into his eyes as if I want him to know my feelings, to understand what was going through in my mind but I knew it was useless until he said, “Well, I don’t know why you’re being all sappy now. Aren’t you with one now?” Okay, what? What is he saying? And I blinked, blinked and blinked. No words came out.

“I hope I am that guy you dreamt of because if I am not, I am going to dig a hole right now and drowned myself in sorrow.” To which, I laughed and I just couldn’t believe my ears. How can I not know? Was I too busy looking at him that I didn’t notice he was looking at me too? Is this for real? “Yes, it’s real alright” and I gasps, I was thinking aloud again. “Well, you can’t blame me. How was I supposed to respond to a confession like this,” and I added “I mean it was not like the most romantic confession you know, it was a so-so.” “Right, and yet your tongue was tied, not to mention, your cheeks were super pink.” he said while giving me that teasing smile.

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